Flying Cars and magnetic force travel

Wouldn't it be possible to utilize the electromagnetic forces on earth to make flying cars possible? What we have learned with electro-magnification is that we can power a magnet and make it go either positive or negative.

Using this could we not attract these forces and pull a craft through it?

Also, to go with this idea scientists are saying that they have discovered magnetic connections in space that interconnect or cross at certain areas. These crossings could potentially be wormholes to allow us to travel upon this magnetic wave to the connection point.



  • I'd like to see more use of magnets for power generation. Surely the force between two magnets can be harnessed and used to drive engines.

  • Gee whiz, and I tohught this would be hard to find out.

  • This information is off the hzoiol!

  • Nice post, i really like cars riding. And we have some new models of cars you can check i am sure you all are like it.

  • This is not a new idea and I would like to say there is stuff like it. Electron magnetic trains hover of the ground with magnets so there will be no friction. As you can see this has been done before and they are still working on it.

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