Global Democracy a Sham?

First off I want to say I am not religious, I have not been to church in over 20 years. I do have faith there is a God and a fallen angel. Here are my thoughts on this website.

So we all came to this site to share our idea. However, these ideas may not even be sent away. Why, because it may interfere with the Global Constitution which at this time does not exist. Why, because there is no leader of the world. Seems either a group or person wants to have this power. Also, it is very interesting that the symbol for this website is the sun rising on the eastern side of the world or morning star. The bible has referenced Lucifer as the Morning star. Pretty bold, and yet here we are sending in our ideas to help this person or group build strategies and use these ideas for their power.

It has been said and taught that there will be one to gain power of most all the people. But, how does one gain the power from the people?

By making you believe that you have a voice, that you made a difference. You submit your idea (I am guilty of this) then people vote on that idea. Something is changed and you feel that you made a contribution to the greater good of the people....what else happened?

You will become a follower! You have contributed to this person by giving your idea to them allowing it to be construed and giving them a voice which gains respect among their peers, colleagues, executors and the followers of many.



  • I object because Ideas can resonate through the world if enough people understand them. They need not rely on one person to implement. There are many people with great ideas who simply need a way of expressing those ideas. A global forum is a good way of doing so.

  • We need a lot more inithgss like this!

  • Call me wind bceuase I am absolutely blown away.

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