date picked labels on fruit

large supermarkets refrigerate fruit like apples and stone fruit for up to a year and then place them for sale. In particular Apples whilst they look good they have brown in the center and lack that Crunch, they are often thrown out after a few bites. Good tasting fresh fruit is very important and if it doesn't taste good people will avoid it. All fruit should have a date stamp or label on it so people can know when the fruit was picked.

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  • I've lived in Australia for 14 years and I've never heared of such a thing, in Australia we'll have the luxury of having farms right by us, buy local fruits and make sure they're in season. That way you know that it's fresh.

  • That's an expert anwser to an interesting question

  • I like this idea, however fruits that are going to be shipped a distance will be picked before they are ripe and allowed to ripen on their way to the store. This may pose a problem as perfectly good fruit may be overlooked because their "picked" date would make them seem old. Maybe a "ripe" date? But that would also be subjected to what each company considers ripe.

  • I think it's important because from the date picked the fruit is no longer connected to the tree and now it is simply a matter of time, even if fruits are picked green and ripened the date picked is still important to know for the chooser. Many growers pick green when the price is up not when the fruit has grown or matured well. Miranda might have had a good experience with fruit in Australia however living in the city's you are often far from the farm and rely on supermarkets which store fruit which is picked green and it's often hard to get children to eat them. Children know.

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