End Involuntary Servitude (Jury Duty and Federal Draft)

The 13th amendment may have ended abolition era, but slavery still exist.

today's involuntary service require us to defy our own belief system just so we can be part of the nation. How cruel is it for a country to force its citizen to partake in acts that could harm the citizens?

We require that at the age of 18, males must promise to kill someone in a war in order to obtain financial support. This conflicts with many pacifist's beliefs which denies them of all federal aid support.

Not every individual is naturally inclined to serve as a jury or a soldier. Deciding whether someone is guilty or not forces one to step out his/her comfort zone. No one should ever have to be forced to judge or prosecute if it's against their religious, political, or personal belief.

It's funny that the greatest nation on Earth would punish its own citizens unless they serve as scapegoats for body shield or take the blame of false accuse.

Idea for North America


  • This is a really intelligent way to answer the quesotin.

  • I object because no one is naturally inclined to do any particular type of job. So you would like to have just a judge decide your fate in a court room. So lets say he/she is having a bad week and just wants to hurry and get out of the courtroom, do you think you will have a fair decision. If you think it is such a bad thing to have to sit on a jury then look at how it is done in other countries. As a citizen it should be your duty and an honor to serve on a jury.

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