Welfare riders

I think we need to get more laws to stop welfare riders. By Welfare riders, I mean the people who don't work hard, have 15 children and then are required by law for the government to fund these people for the way they took advantage of the system. Recently, in my country, there have been a lot of stories about these people taking advantage of the system. We need to stop them! So my idea is that we should have laws in place that allow the local authority to look at a person's financial background. Paired with the previous law, if the person has not gone to university or has a degree in a subject which will not pay a huge amount of money, if they are unemployed then they should have a child cap on how many children they can have compared with the amount of money and savings they have. I know this idea seems cruel and I admit it is but I thought by posting it, you guys will help develop it more so we can stop these Welfare riders.



  • It should not be a kneejerk reaction to reject such ideas. If the Chinese didn't put a cap on child numbers through government policy initiatives decades ago, there would be many more, maybe double their population of today. They did the global, as well as their own environment, a massive favour, but have never received positive recognition for it.

  • Contrary to what capitalist people criticize socialism in general for - the alleged "free lunch" deal of everyone getting everything they wanted whenever they wanted - the key original founder of the original socialism, Henri de Saint Simon, did NOT advocate this. Saint Simon said that there were two major classes in society: (1) Producers a.k.a. workers - people able and willing to do work; and (2) Idlers - people able but unwilling to do work (be they rich or poor). The first group deserve support, the second group have to change their ways to become associated with the first group in order to deserve support. Of course there are people who would be producers if it were not for chronic unemployment or disability - and these would be a third group. But socialism as originally conceived by Saint Simon, sympathized with those who were able to work and did or those who were unable to work due to conditions preventing them, but Saint Simon did NOT sympathize with idlers (and back when he wrote his theories aristocracy was strong where the upper class inherited money from their parents).

    I am a social democrat, I'm not interested in a long drawn out debate on socialism, look up the Socialist International's website for its Declaration of Principles and Ethical Charter to find out what socialism means to social democrats like myself who advocate it.

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