don't just listen hear

what I want to say is that you shouldn't just blindly obey to what someone tells you you should think for your self for an example in my country the politicians lie to the people and we only do a little about it so what I am saying is you need to think with your own head not let other people control you.Always think how is that what I'm doing going to effect me,my familly,friends and other people dont youst listen to what what someone is saying try to understand the essence of the idea.and some of you might think what does he know he is just a chilled. let me get this clear right in the begining I am a chilled but from what I've been through and what other have said (kinda where the title came from) I'm writing this


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  • what's the point of this? Are you supporting GD or condeming it? You haven't proposed an idea.

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