Health is not a business

There is way too much financial incentive in healthcare. Illnesses that are curable are medicated, and things that are not illnesses are medicated. Insurance should be removed from healthcare, health is a human right that belongs to everyone and INVOLVES everyone so our incentive should be to be as healthy as possible as a whole and we can already do that. We should refresh our approach to natural medicine. Plants are nature's chemists and do it better than any lab with no side effects. Electric and magnetic field healing the ancients knew well is only now being rediscovered and is being marginalized despite its effectiveness. This has to change.



  • I want to vote for this but you are mixing two issues in one proposal. I agree about healthcare being more than a commodity, but I am completely unconvinced about electric and magnetic field healing and your claim that "natures chemists do it better than any lab".

  • I object because " health is a human right" if your refering to doctors operating on someone where they study for years than i disagree, health treatment is infact a business its a service it cost money, time, and equipment.

  • I object because there have not been enough scientific studies to show that alternative medicine is effective. I do agree though with the fact that everyone deserves health care.

  • I object for exactly the same reasons as 1170 USA quotes.

  • When you were a child & you fell down & broke your arm or needed stitches, you didn't ask your parents who would pay for it. If an old man has a heart attack & needs rushed to the hospital you don't ask, "who's going to pay for it?" So no, I do not believe that it is a business. Healthcare should be a right but it is not. Unfortunately it is only a privilege for some. Yes it is expensive. Why? Why have we made our healthcare so expensive? If I cut my thumb off tomorrow for instance, I couldn't afford it. What about people who are in foreign countries right now that have to wait in lines for medical treatment at make shift offices? How can we afford to help only the one's in complete & dire need but no one else. No one extra today, sorry. I'm sorry but this system is broken.

  • Everything about the plants & electric & magnetic fields healing abilities is irrelevant to weather or not healthcare is a business.

  • Rather healthcare is a business. But it shouldn't be

  • I am Canadian...this may seem trivial, but when you have survived incredible odds, and are still alive....well the health care system here saved me! I had never paid taxes myself, yet I was covered. I did not have to worry about the bills...only about healing. The doctors only had to focus on saving me. They did not have to manage bureaucratic paper work as they tried to sell you pills you didn't need and procedures you can't afford only to make a profit. The profit factor cannot influence : Military, education, & health.

  • I have nothing more to add, KingofReason1 and 000001170 covered my thoughts on this.

  • The profit motive has no rightful place in healthcare.

  • This is a very inserting subject. I believe things like broken bones, illness, etc, should be covered by the people for the people. The things like cancer treatment, stds, birth control, etc.. shouldn't. People should get simple health care, but nothing to extend their life or make it easier after its too late. If you want that you should pay for it yourself.

  • I chose 'no' for the same reason I object to Obama "care." Health care is NOT a "right." The taxpayers should not have to pay for those who DON'T, therefore cannot pay their OWN insurance! In my own country, socialism is NOT what America is about or what the Founders intended. We have (or 'had') the greatest healthcare system in the world, which is now in jeopardy if the SCOTUS doesn't repeal this monstrosity.

    On the other hand, I DO agree with utilizing natural herbs into the healthcare field. But government is hell bent against it because they can't PROFIT on NATURAL remedies/ cures.

  • I object because of the nature thing but agree on the issue of excessive financial incentive. Why would you cure a disease if you get so much money from people remaining sick? That problem lies with both the government and big business.

  • Hmm. Um, Libertarian, I am a bit confused by your argument, honestly. If they are trying to help people by giving them health care as a right (and spending money by doing this), why would they care about making money? Part of your argument might be right, but I don't think that they both can.

  • Don’t you almost get the feeling that companies are making us sick and selling us the cure.

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