Use Cosmic energy

The earth is a dynamo, space is a sea of energy radiating. It's possible to build devices that are basically an antenna to receive this energy and some diodes and electronics to direct it. Most of these things are patented and kept from the public under national security concerns. This goes back to the work of tesla, and before that things like the pyramids and megalithic structures found everywhere around the world and under every ocean. Turns out there was a worldwide grid built to machine precision where structures across great distances would create resonant points. The earth itself provides power it has a core of spinning iron and a magnetic feild bubble that's constantly bombarded with put some electrodes on it, and get rid of oil and the current electrical grid, that they knew we never needed in the first place. Convert the oil rigs into space cannons since the tech exists already and is cheaper than a rocket. Then convert all military hardware and spending to peaceful space exploration to get the resources we need from space.



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  • @Daikashido very interesting. Never heard of some of the things in here. Do you have any websites that I could read about this? I don't know enough about it to know if it really works.

  • We need to evaluate what really works and seek investment in the area of reusable energy and free energy. But I would consider that if our speaker the POW presented this suggestion of yours due to the lack of knowledge in these things or if they work the politicians and media would think the POW had no credibility. I have a friend working on a method of creating free energy until he can firmly prove his invention can work people will smirk and snigger. i personally would like to see a very low limit for the need of oil, coal etc. But the promotion of technologies that people understand would be a better area of promotion by our voice the POW.

  • Babelfish, please do some reasearch on Nicoli Tesla.

  • I love this idea, even though I'd only recommend the research to private interests so the financial risk wouldn't fall on the poor as well, but your idea at the end, the space cannon AKA mass driver, can't work on Earth. The speed required to break from Earth's gravity with a single impulse would cause anything fired to be torn apart by the atmosphere. A mass driver would definitely work on our moon, though, and might work on Mars. My favorite way of getting into orbit is currently the mother-ship method. Look up White Knight and SpaceShipOne.

  • Sounds like a couple almost-good ideas shrouded in pseudoscience. The pyramids, built in B.C., were certainly not any sort of power plant, since the first means of using any such power would not come for another few thousand years. And worldwide structures having been built for any unified, specific, single purpose, such as a "grid" so long before any form of globalization occurred, is obsurd. Oil rigs are FAR too small to house a cannon large enough to project any object into space, much less a human being, which we've learned from the circus when we were 9 years old, would die from the incredible G-forces produced by being fired out of a cannon with sufficient force to escape the Earth's gravity. The only part of this I find feasible, is the general notion of harnessing cosmic forces. eg. cosmic rays emitted by the sun are by far the most energetic thing anywhere near us, so if someone could find some way of harnessing them, or the Earth's natural magnetic field, that would be great.

  • This sounds a bit shady for science... May be possible, but for something so outlandish I think it should be supplemented with a lot more technical details.

  • I object because there is no scientific evidence to prove the viability of this energy source. Should there be proof of cosmic energy as you describe it, and it could be utilized, then yes, but for now I shall object.

  • I have nothing more to add, babelfish, GD000001469, and Sitoutumaton covered my thoughts on this.

  • I object because this idea is much too vague. You're saying that there's energy in space and that we should put devices in space to harvest said energy to use on earth. I object until I see some solid (Or even semi-solid) evidence that this is the case and that it is possible. I would also like a more solid plan than " devices that are basically an antenna to receive this energy and some diodes and electronics to direct it.".

  • yep its what some including dr.greer refers to as zero point energy.
    it is what tesla was perfecting before the rockefeller gang pulled the plug on him............(the next bit i posted bye mistake in another thread sorry about re-peats kids....)

    you are correct.....i stress in my conversations with many on this subject,
    these technologys are being kept in the dark bye the coal oil and gas powers that is a fact that many technologys have been on the verge of being introduced only to be swept under the rug... bye temptations of money for the patents and outright terrorism and murder.
    the technology is out there... and we have to find a way to insulate these inventors publicly from the sychopaths that are threating them so they can be confident enough to come forward.

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