Mark non-global posts as junk

Posts discussing policies for just one country or a specific group of countries should be marked as junk as they are just taking up space on what is meant to be a forum for global issues.



  • I think it is of interest to all if someone in one country has a particular issue about the way their country is being run (for example). Maybe others are able to make suggestions that could be useful to the people who are directly affected. I wouldn't agree that it is junk.

  • Perhaps the site needs a button to alert that a certain idea is local.

  • There are plenty of existing forums to debate whether america spends too much on welfare, for example.

  • I object because problems with one country probably can be related to several countries. We can't have a functioning world if a few of the parts are problematic. All the pieces have to work together to have peace. It is likely that some local problems are also happening elsewhere, and could be a good way of saying that we should not do something on a global scale.

  • i am trying to keep my debates and comments looking at this issues of local and global, you will get more people from the USA on here at first as they do use the internet more than people from other countries. Looking at what is going on here I think that nationalities will end up a good mix. This site will expand having analyzed it for a short while i see great potential .

  • I object because for change to be initiated on global issues it must first be initiated on a national scale.

  • Says the American. There are other forums for national importance. This forum is about big ideas.

  • I object because no national sites are as well designed as this one. This place will draw people in. I say tag posts by nation so you can follow the ones you are interested in

  • I disagree with this for a number of reasons. One reason being that many people use their own country as an example of their idea because their country's system is the only system they really know well. Also, this website is used to get our messages out to world leaders in every country, so if someone talks about a problem happening in America, then that idea will hopefully reach the US Government so that problem or idea is voiced. Yes, this website is about global issues and an individual country is a part of the global community we live in. One idea for a country can effect many countries and the current global state.

  • I object because it doesn't allow development or extrapolation of a basic concept.

  • I object because this it to arbitrary. What makes a domestic issue domestic? Was bush and his dogma a domestic issue? Many times a grassroots local issue will hit home for a lot of people all over the world with similar problems with their own government. Further, does it not fly directly in the face of the spirit of a global democracy, to silence someone because their comments do not interest you?

  • I have nothing more to add, 000001041, 000001170, and Jeremy covered my thoughts on this.

  • keep in mind no thought is bad, it is how we interrupt what is said. All problems, are the worlds problems, as the trickle down effect is not escapable, what effects the people in india effects those in united states, and the same is true in the reverse.

  • That's a shrewd answer to a tricky quiosetn

  • Kudos! What a neat way of thnnikig about it.

  • That's way more clever than I was epxecintg. Thanks!

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