Declare the internet a part of the People's Commons

I have heard it said that a functioning democracy requires the free flow of information and I believe it. How can the People make good decisions unless they have ready access to the relevant data? And what is better at broadcasting that data than computer networks? The Net's potential for humanity's progress is universally acknowledged. It should not be allowed to pass smoothly into private hands, as with radio, telephone, television, satellite, etc., to be exploited for the power/profits of a Few and the control/manipulation/exploitation of the Many.

I propose we of the GD declare universal access to the highest quality of computer connectivity to be OUR thing, a part of the People's Commons, belonging to and used by the global community as a whole. Humanity requires free access to this. We should insist. : ) > -



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  • @anonoymous, you're right, views are not be registered on any of my ideas, even though I have a few votes/comments. Thanks for the heads up. Not really sure where to file a complaint. Sigh. : ( > -

  • if the sytem of this site would allow me to login i would vote for your idea and others, and have some ideas myself

  • So, how does this idea have 100% support and yet be rated "Problems"? : \ > -

  • That hits the target dead cetner! Great answer!

  • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has birgehtned my day!

  • However, we should not ignore the criminal element that will be online constantly along with all the socially responsible- some policing will be a necessity to track things like terrorist activities.

  • In general I like the idea, however what would happen to cybercriminals, would they continue to have unfettered access to the web?

  • I agree. We can learn from strangers, and friends

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