Declare the internet a part of the People's Commons

I have heard it said that a functioning democracy requires the free flow of information and I believe it. How can the People make good decisions unless they have ready access to the relevant data? And what is better at broadcasting that data than computer networks? The Net's potential for humanity's progress is universally acknowledged. It should not be allowed to pass smoothly into private hands, as with radio, telephone, television, satellite, etc., to be exploited for the power/profits of a Few and the control/manipulation/exploitation of the Many.

I propose we of the GD declare universal access to the highest quality of computer connectivity to be OUR thing, a part of the People's Commons, belonging to and used by the global community as a whole. Humanity requires free access to this. We should insist. : ) > -



  • What happens when a solar flare or other entities knocks out your internet? Man must not rely on computers and the internet. They are great tools but remember that if it goes down or is blocked by whatever reason we would have to have a backup in place in order to not loose cohesion of the group of individuals or collective global government.

  • But how else are we to communicate instantly over great distances? Few modes of communication other than computers and wireless technology are able to connect us as a global community. The only way to eliminate the possibility of losing access to it would be to create an entirely new infrastructure for communication that is invulnerable to any sort of damage. I completely agree that we should liberate its use. At the same time though, I think we should work on a less easily disrupted kind of communication technology.

  • cdsad

  • When proof of discovery IS (globally) limited by the availability of knowledge, it (in my humble opinion) is a sign of weakness by those in assumed power. Why not be completely free in a chaotic, random way that includes full disclosure of knowledge and freedom of every option possible. The hidden TRUTH (alien knowledge) is being kept from us by a small select group (eternal hostility against all who oppress the mind of man -i think Thomas Jefferson quoted that). We have all the rights we have not given away, so, that means like every right. It isn't right for one to put the weight of there own (poor) choices on others, proof of being unrightous to me.

  • I object because when you declare something is one's right, you state that other one must sacrifice to grant this right.

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