Adopt a global economic standard

In the present rush for a global economy, a rather large detail was apparently overlooked, the NEED for a universal economic standard. This "oversight" has created undeniable social and economic stresses globally, specifically the shifting of middle class jobs to low wage regions. A real economy ( ... at least the existing model) cannot function if the people have insufficient wages. For this reason alone, jobs must be kept local.

I propose a discussion regarding ways to create this global economic standard. For example, the use of a digital currency like Bitcoin.

In my opinion, the issue of a currency independent of State control is critical to the establishing of a sustainable democracy. : ) > -



  • Profoundly simple and intelligent, in my view.

  • i commit to this idea

  • Bitcoin cannot be adopted as a legitimate currency, because access to bitcoins are limited to anyone who has enough technological capital to access their bitcoin wallet or marketplace.

  • @GrenWehl, "technological capital"? Do you mean an understanding of the technology which is required to use that technology? If so then it is fortunate most people can learn, if they have sufficient reason to. Now, do you consider the potential relief from economic and social stress caused by insufficient wages to be a sufficient reason to learn about these alternative money systems, including but not limited to bitcoin and other digital currencies? Ignorance of alternative systems is not a reason to reject them and the benefits they could provide. : ) > -

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