Teach Reasoning Skills as basic education

From my very basic study of democracy, I have learned that it's greatest weakness is it's vulnerability to demagoguery, the practices / rhetoric of a person(s) who obtain power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace. Basically, a person who uses irrational and erroneous arguments to sway the People. As a protection against such a circumstance, the People should be taught to recognize and shun such speakers.

I propose we of the GD insist that our children be taught these logical / rhetorical skills as early as possible, using a model such as the one presented @ www.triviumeducation.com/ . In my opinion, teaching our children HOW to think is far more important than teaching them WHAT to think. : ) > - Peace



  • This was proposed earlier and was very popular.

  • @000000004 , Where? I'd love to vote for such an idea. Would you please provide the title of that proposal? TY : ) > -

  • As our world speeds up, we have less time to consider our actions, and have to rely more on our instincts.

    Maybe we need a zen of seeing or of learning, to train our subconscious mind, before we even realise what that is?

  • Your wesbite has to be the electronic Swiss army knife for this topic.

  • So, basically you're saying we should indoctrinate them to reject the words of those we've decided are simply talking rhetoric and appealing to emotions and prejudices?

    So, tell me, what do you think of Obama? He speaking logical rational things, not appealing to the emotions and using demagoguery. Is Obama someone we'd indoctrinate our children to listen too as someone who isn't using such tactics?

    I'm just curious, because from what I've seen, the actual reality of what you're talking about here would mean that Democrats would cease to exist as a party as I see most of the left uses things like jokes, rhetoric, and unprovable accusations to win support for themselves.

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