Declare the GD an "Independent Virtual State"

I assume most are gathered here, virtually speaking, because your political leadership has failed to address your best interests, as individuals and communities. Those leaders have lost our confidence because they do not deserve it. For whatever reason, they have chosen to ignore the People's needs AND desires, only addressing those concerns when it reinforces their power. Why should we trust that they will respond to our petitions now, regardless of how those requests are created?

I propose we of this Global Democracy drop this relatively weak posture of begging the indulgence of our Rulers and simply declare ourselves an "Independent Virtual State". If we believe in the Power of the People to rule themselves, let us declare it BOLDLY. : ) > - Peace.



  • I thought the idea of GD was exactly the opposite of that. It's just one big, huge, beautiful country, one raze and only one culture, the human culture. We are all the same, regardless nationality.

  • @Seba, you thought "the idea of GD was exactly the opposite of ..." what? The GD is certainly "virtual". Could it become a "state", "a sovereign political power or community", a global gathering ruled by it's "citizens"? Am I wrong for thinking it could? Is such an idea truly contrary to the concept of a global democracy? If a majority here agree, why not declare ourselves independent of those devious systems which have repeatedly betrayed the People's trust and simply govern ourselves as a global democratic virtual state? : / > -

  • i would totally vote for this, except the system does not let me log in. Further i do not blame the politicians (well some of them should be in prison) you have to take into account that there are economical hitman, some stay in power, because without them the situation would be worse.

  • Newbie here; apologies if I speak out of turn.

    This idea (and, it occurs to me, this entire website) requires the principle of 'one human, one vote'. As currently implemented it appears to be instead 'one email address, one vote' -- what's stopping me creating another account with another email address, rinse, repeat?

    Of course this would require user verification which would incur all sorts of overhead and take us into the whole privacy mess. But: maybe that's needed for 'global democracy' to work.

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