Space Exploration and Space Technologies

We create a single, global organization dedicated to finding resources or even new sustainable planets for when the Earth runs out of resources. Maybe even contact extraterrestrial life in order to expand understanding of the universe.

Idea for the world


  • lets fix this planet first before trashing others

  • Competition between space organizations i believe is a good thing when you look into history

  • Free info like this is an apple from the tree of knweoldge. Sinful?

  • This is just the percfet answer for all of us

  • You've really hleepd me understand the issues. Thanks.

  • I agree, and to add to that, figuring out how to establish public bases of operation upon such bodies as the Moon, Mars, and others that will foster the utilization of the resources by businesses with a long-term mission of setting up colonization and ever expanding a livable habit for human settlers that extends off from that public base of operations.

    As for the resources, we are not running out of resources, it only seems that way because how strictly so many governments today regulate their production and use. For example, people in Ethiopia don't have to die of starvation it that degree, but because of a corrupt too-powerful government that strictly controls resource production and use, and because industrialization has been largely discouraged by a 1st world petrified of CO2 because of global warming that hasn't even been happening over the last 15 years,, the Ethiopians are forced to starve to death.

    If things were more free for them, you'd find that resources aren't nearly as scarce as the leftwing has put so much effort and money into making us believe.

    However, I still totally agree with you. The expansion of the human race into the stars can only help mankind in very profound and helpful for everyone ways.

    Anyhow, regardless of the state of resources on this planet, there will be a day when we really need other-world resources, and it's profoundly more prudent to start delving into that problem now than when we really are stressed for resources in ways that aren't just the government's fault.

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