Change the way we advertise

I'm from the marketing industry and I am highly against the way we advertise at the moment. I'm totally up for a world where people don't get forced to watching and seeing advertising because it is everywhere. Actually you could consider this spam. TV is a good example for that.

Turn advertisement into creative information media that people can sign up for and we are back to fairness.

Businesses benefit from that and so do customers.

Also we should switch to digital media. The amount of advertisement I throw from my mail box straight to the bin every day is just outrageous. What a waste of trees!

I am the founder of an PR- and Design-Agency. And I don't like what advertisement is doing to the people and to nature. Think about it.



  • If only we can stop car adverts and that oh so latest washing powder or the must have wrinkle cream!

  • In Holland we have or used to have(i haven't been living there the last 15 years so i don't know if it still excists) a televisionprogram called the ombudsman, this program compares products , investigate complains etc, i would like to see a whole channel on t.v just for that, and advertisements banned from every other channel. i tried to submit my ideas, somehowe i can write here but am unable to submit my ideas, can somebody do it for me?
    First idea a maximum salary, everybody who gets more than that has the free choise of where their money will get donated.
    Second idea; Supermarkets of over 30 square meters are not allowed to be supermarkets, they are wholesales and only allowed to sell to shops, a bigger market can stay supermarket when it makes walls, seperate pemits and kasheers to meet this standard. This will bring back the neighbourhood shops.
    3rd idea; neighboorhood shops are allowed to sell homemade products from locals, they pay taxes, the locals are allowed to earn till a certain amount tax free.
    4th idea; overpopulation, desired one of the age that can care for the elderly on 1.5 elderly. Who wants to make a child can have as many children as they like, but must move to a community where they are in need of the children of the agegroups they have, so the overpopulation goes down. The 1.5 elderly in the neighbourhood are involved with caring for the children, so the parents can work.

  • I totally agree with you,

    but it's their rights to throw advertisements around just like it's our rights to find those businesses that won't do that to us and do business with them instead.

    However, until we're willing to exercise that freedom, we're getting what we deserve. A cable company cannot open up to challenge the monopoly in that city if people are unwilling to buy from them.

    Of course government regulations and laws make that much harder, and government is probably the primary reason internet companies and such even have monopolies in areas, but that's our own faults too for allowing our Democrat politicians to create an environment for such monopolies to develop.

    So, in the end it's actually our own faults. So here's a counter suggestion.

    Why not instead of focusing on forcing more laws on businesses, why not fight for freedom instead of restriction and instead fight for removing the bars that keep their competitors from developing. When you've got a good 10 cable companies to choose from, I think you'll start to find that the annoying things that bother people will start to go away as each competes for your business. Commercials will start shrinking because profits will become effected by their length, and a happy middle ground can be found that the consumer is okay with, but still allow advertisements from the producers.

    After all, I would not want to live in an economy bereft of advertisements, but I don't want to sit through so many of them either.

  • I feel that what is lacking is not only truth in advertising but accountability in advertising. Hold companies responsible for their claims and it will transform commerce.

  • I agree advertisement is now a nuisance and intrusive.. exactly why it no longer works and is rejected by the conscious and unconscious.

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