Food and Shelter are Human Rights

Nobody should have to work to get his human rights. Nobody should have to suffer, if they don't want to obey to somebody else. It is time to end capitalism - at least as we know it right now - and reclaim our lives.

People are actually on the streets, and there are actually thousands of people starving in this very moment, even though there are enough opportunities to house people and even though we produce far more food than the world actually needs - yes, this amount of food can also be produced on permaculture farms, if not more.

Free food and shelter for everybody.

A possible way to go about this would be an unconditional basic income every human receives.



  • The problem isn't Capitalism. The problem is Humanities inexhaustible talent for abusing anything and everything. If someone shoots someone else, don't blame the gun.

  • You cant expect your human rights to be upheld if you do not care(or do not act when others peoples rights are violated).
    Democracy and capitalism is no excuse for ignorance.

  • i feel like everyone should get paid to be able to have food and a place to live . people shouldnt be fired from their jobs for no good reason

  • i respect your opinion..and it is certainly worthy of consideration, to great extent.. HOWEVER,
    >PLEASE FACTOR IN, this ONE INESCAPABLE FACT : HUMAN humans, we all are endowed with certain elements , naturally, which ..attract us to other ...Men-to women, and vice versa. HUMANS WANT SEX.. > HUMANS NEED TO WAKE UP...GLOBAL WARMING: a METAPHOR.. people..metaphorically speaking, the Earth is (warming over) headed for a state of (Hellish existence) where, not only does the Earth run out of, food resource...and room to exist, with any measure of elbow room...we begin to live on TOP of one another, like ants do, in Ant Mounds. THIS has already been conceived by the governments, as a viable arrangement; encourage people to live, in population centers.. hence excessive fuel prices..etc. >if we live, on TOP of one another. we will also, begin to despise, each other. it's inevitable. >PEOPLE, are our own worst enemies. * i worked with a nurse, once upon a time...who worked in the OB ward. where babies are born. *SHE said, that place, is NON_STOP BIRTHING....all day, and into each night..wheel em IN, wheel Em OUT...NEXT?

    HOW CAN EARTH SUSTAIN?? AND SOCIETY CREATE JOBS ?? IT CANT !!! WE CANT !!! THINK, For God's sake, logically for a moment?? AND PEOPLE ARE WORRIED ABOUT ( what is SEXY?)
    for a "model" ? Chrsit, the fact that society has to create a "nitsch" for a "model" is deplorable and tragic, unto itself.....people should contribute, all, of their the community, in which they reside...a "model"...sorry? what is their societal contribution? in an over-crowded, Earth? God LOVE em? so do i.. dont get me wrong.. but THIS, is the same tragic reality, that spawned, Hitler's Nazi Germany.. LEIBENSRAUM..."living space"..the expansion of resource...for, a worthy population. mildly educated, at least; charitable towards fellow creatures...>WHAT WOULD WE DO, if we were subject, to individual Judging, by fellow citizens? as to our worth? and ..questioned as to what justifies, our continued, sustenance? according to (what) criteria, would our "peers" judge us? or convict us, to expiration?

  • I think that how the system is structured is actually a big problem. Having guns is a problem too and derives from this system of making profit. If we can make a society based on coordinated collective effort instead of money driven effort sure people will behave much better.

  • @Anonymous: "HOW CAN EARTH SUSTAIN?? AND SOCIETY CREATE JOBS??" by getting rid of our monetary system:

  • I object because if everyone decided to stop working, no food or housing would be produced. While helping out people who are incapable of providing for themselves is commendable, giving handouts to people who are unwilling to work unjustly takes resources from responsible people and reduces the incentives to work, thereby lowering everyone's standard of living.

  • You can't say that people shouldn't have to work for their food and shelter. Who's going to provide it to those not working for it, you?

    You have no right to force others to pull the weight of those unwilling to pull their own weight.

    Certainly nobody should ever be left out in the street to die, but if they refuse to come out of the street and instead crawl into a corner and die, you don't have the right to force somebody else to run out there and save them at their own expense.

    Tell you what though, you have the right to use your money to go out there and save them because that's what Capitalism free-market allows you to do. And nobody on the right of society will try and stop you from doing that with your own money. Be the change you wish to see.

    My solution is this. Cut social spending drastically, overhaul the welfare system and make it so that people have to be vetted before getting free money to ensure they truly need it. Take it away from those who don't actually need it, and start taking our today's socialist free-market system and return it back to an actual free-market system, and start actually fostering a competition between businesses, and encourage private parties such as yourself to invest your money in helping those who don't want to pull their own weight rather than forcing everyone else too.

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