The ethics and accuracy standard

We already have a legal structure in place for punishing companies that use false advertising. They can be fined or even tried in criminal court. My idea is to pass a law using these preexisting precedents to make govornment officials follow the same rules.

If a statement is made by a politician (regardless of party) which the facts checkers deem false. He/she has a 72 hour period to make a public detraction. If they fail to make this statement in the allotted time then civil and potentially criminal charges should follow. Politicians are either promoting themselves or their party and their statements are refections on both. I believe that this is tantamount to advertising. And so therefore could be enforced under the same provisions.


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  • That is an interesting idea... but I don't know how well it would work in practice. I don't think you can fine someone for making a promise about the future. For example, if there was a presidential candidate, and he was trying to get elected, you couldn't be like, "you won't really help us. We are going to fine you."

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