Lighning Rod Wind Turbines! The New Tomorrow!

Lightning rods should be utilized to attract, capture, and harness the energy of lightning bolts. These lightning tower-like structure, should be as high as possible near water resources which attract lightning. They should be constructed in a way which allows for ideal habitat for wildlife, especially for birds to nest on and around. The Lightning towers should produce electrostatic energy, or energy that attracts lightening energy, while utilizing many forms of highly conductive metallics. These lightning rods should transfer the energy from the top of the tower with many different prongs of spherical-like energy absorbers to lure in the lightning strike. The lightning will produce enough electricity with one good strike to supply a towns energy for weeks. The lightning rods can also be created in conjunction (together as one) with wind turbines. Magnets should be utilized to give extra propelling energy to the wind turbine blades. Solar panels should also be utilized in the works of all of this mass renewable energy capturing and creation.



  • I think the reason this is not done is the inability to transfer the energy to storage for later use. Storage of energy is the problem with all renewables, and the reason why excess energy generated in many forms of renewable is wasted. It is being addressed in solar thermal projects ( the ones with all the mirrors, in the desert, not the ones on your roof ) by transferring the head to molten salt ( at the base of the main mirror tower) from which energy can be extracted for up to 24 hours. Contrast coal which is stores it's energy like a battery for use whenever you want it. If all the big industry money invested in exploring for more fossil fuels went to the development of energy storage technology, we would have a clean planet tomorrow.

  • Thanks guys, I just about lost it looikng for this.

  • That insight solves the prolbem. Thanks!

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