Acid Rain

Acid rain has been elevating in concentration at alarming rates. Acid rain is the result of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions and other toxins released, created through human technologies and the bad management and usage of our natural resources. Acid rain causes enormous environmental degradation world-wide and to the natural cycles of our Universe. Acid rain is the creation of misuse and abuse of our natural resources and should be eliminated or at least reduced as soon as possible, before all natural resources and life forms on Earth are degraded. Mandatory regulations must be established to regulate the amount of harmful emissions and other toxins that are released into the environments and overall atmospheres. Renewable energy resources must be utilized and a global shift needs to take place towards cleaner energies and technologies and renewable energies to ensure that the quality of life on our Planet (Earth), our home, is not only maintained, but actually increases throughout the future. The overall environmental health, overall health of life forms, and the health of our overall Universe needs mass C.P.R. (Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration).



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