What about Nuclear Power?

The nuclear power industry and those associate with this industry should stop the extraction of materials utilized in the nuclear power industry immediately. This should be mandatory world-wide and fully enforced. Nuclear weapons should be dismantled and the nuclear power plants should be cleansed by totally removing and containing any hazardous threats and possibly converted into storage facilities for the nuclear waste and nuclear weapons. Nuclear power is the lifeless form of energy that threatens all life on our planet (Earth) and in the rest of the Universe.

Nuclear waste metabolism could be accelerated by adding heat to the containers that the nuclear waste is contained in to a temperate that accelerates the break-down (half-lives), yet does not create any dangerous or hazardous conditions. The containers holding the nuclear radioactive waste should be stored in the most protective containers and storage reservoirs possible in uninhabited life less secretive locations, which would pose absolutely no threats to water resources. The waste should be stored in the safest locations possible, no place(s) near any life forms or water resources. Nuclear energy resources and wastes would be (pose) a great threat to water resources and life forms (dangerous) if shipped anywhere, so great care in the transportation process is necessary.



  • I object because not only is nuclear power currently being used as a power source in so many countries right now, but it is clean, safe and cheap and so uranium (preferably thorium) should be increased in use as a power source. Scientists know that you can destroy nuclear waste if you want, it is simply far cheaper to securely store it. And radiation isn't deadly to life, it's bad for humans because it gives us cancer but not for as long or as bad as people thought, but it doesn't destroy life. I'm all for EVERY country dismantling their nuclear weapons, but nuclear power is the best choice right now and it would be stupid to stop using it because of dated Cold War fears.

  • The easiest thing to do with the waste is drop it in an active volcano and let it sink to the bottom as it melts, diluting it in the mass of the magma.

  • Nuclear energy is not clean, or safe, or cheap. Nobody has successfully decommisioned a nuclear plant, even the ones that have blown up or leaked, lots of them leak constantly in one way or another, and they use expensive fuels that are dangerous when refined, only mined in certain countries.

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