A New Way of Life

Our Universe is governed by the laws of nature. Our planet (Earth), The Almighty Universal Temple, is being destroyed by our so called, Caretakers (Homo Sapiens), at alarming rates. When will the destruction end? We must make drastic changes in our overall ways of life as human beings to ensure that our planet will be able to sustain life in the future. Our planet's average global temperature is increasing at alarming rates. Polar ice sheets, ice bergs, glaciers, and mountain top snow are melting at alarming rates, which will eventually result in our precious lands turning into oceans. Only we, Human beings, have the ability to make the so necessary drastic changes to ensure that life continues to flourish and produce viable offspring on our planet. The Industrial Revolution has escalated to a point of worldwide self-destruction. Human beings have been destroying themselves, each other, and our natural environment at alarming escalating rates through the Industrial Revolution which is the most destructive and detrimental movement ever created. Our technological industries need to be leaders in the environmental conscious movement and clean-up (fix) their mistakes. Scientists have already concluded that our planet is in great danger if our human population continues to escalate and if our CO2 emissions aren't reduced drastically. These changes need to happen as soon as possible in order to ensure that our planet doesn't turn into another desert waste land like Mars. The solution is simple! Conservation! Only take what you need and make sacrifices so that others don't have to suffer from your mistakes. There are many cleaner, safer, more productive, more efficient and effective solutions out there. Our species has the ability to accomplish anything we put our minds to. It's never too soon to make these necessary changes a reality! Renewable energies will greatly enhance the planets overall quality life if we fully implement them into our ways of life. Our technologies should focus on the cleaner burning of our fossil fuels that we have already harvested. We don't need to drill any oil from, near, or around our water resources including our oceans. That is just plain stupid and heartless. Our lands have plenty of oil that can be safely extracted if necessary. We don't need to destroy our valuable mountains to create energy. All other life forms suffer due to our so called Caretaker's stupidity. Human beings are the most selfish, greedy, careless life forms on our planet and I for one am sick of them. They can suffer the consequences if they continue to destroy for the benefit of only themselves. Our plants are the answer to our problems. Plants such as Cannabis (hemp) are the cure to our Planet's (Mother Earth's) ailments as well as our own ailments. By planting more overall beneficial seeds across our lands we will ensure that life continues to thrive and cycle and reach and maintain a balance. Bio fuels must be utilized more. Solar, wind, tidal, magnetic, OTEC, Hydrogen, geothermal, H2O , crystal, etc. need to be implemented world wide. Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring (C.P.R.) our planet's natural resources is crucial for the continuation of life on our planet. Especially for the continuation of productive (beneficial) human populations. An environmental conscious movement needs to erupt at a rapid pace before our volcanoes erupt due to the increased global temperatures and the destruction of our planet's natural resources. We must cherish and respect all of our creators creations and we must do our part to ensure heavenly never-ending cycles of everlasting life throughout all of existence. This planet is our only true home. Our Almighty Universal Temple needs to be managed properly by it's Caretakers. All of our hard work will pay off! I promise! Peace be the journey!


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  • a single unbroken paragraph is difficult to read I like your ideas but the whole thing is difficult to make sense of it as it just goes on and on and on without a bit of organization.

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