Trees are the Answer!

Our natural resources are diminishing and being destroyed at alarming rates. Our technologies are raising global temperatures substantially, which is resulting in rising sea levels, increases in environmental toxicity, and overall decreases in the quality of life for all life forms. Growing beneficial plants and managing our resources as wisely as possible will allow us to counteract these devastating global changes. Trees are the answer to many of the problems that life forms are encountering. Sustaining biodiversity and planting beneficial trees and other plants that will be beneficial to the Animal Kingdom will allow for our world to regain a balance (sustainability). It all starts with managing the resources that we have wisely (to the best of our abilities). We must utilize the best plants for the given environments. Seeds should be the fittest seeds for the environment in which they are planted in! Our soils and waters need to be Conserved, Preserved, and Restored in order to support the most beneficial, biodiverse, and sustainable life forms. Everyone is highly important! We all can make a difference! It's up to you to make this necessary environmental/technological movement a reality!



  • Fiidnng this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

  • That's 2 cleevr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

  • This is just the perfect asnwer for all of us

  • Could be good, but factor in the "native plants" idea, too.
    Plants and trees require less water, and tend to do better without added fertilizers (which are detrimental to the environment), when planted in their native areas.

  • Very important

  • My Great-Uncle - Sir George Trapnell - a leading horticulturalist of Australia formed "Save the Trees" many years ago. His work initiated many of today's environmental groups within our country but his dream was to have the ideas spread worldwide - hopefully this can become reality. His research was journaled for Universities & followed through to many cultures - we only have 1 earth - let's care for it!

  • I object because Call me a negative nancy but I find it highly unlikely that "just planting more trees" would solve the climage-change issues. How may trees would this be and where would we plant them? The US has more trees today than ever (though younger), and massive amounts of rainforest is and has being destroyed, yet this is not seen as the primary source of CO2 for climage change. I believe tree are able to bind green-house gases other than CO2 but it is not clear to me that they are very efficient for binding e.g. methane.

    I really think this post needs to argue that this is even feasible or it is a rather detrimental suggestion to carry further.

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