Naturalistic Lifestyle

Modern day Western Medicines and other man-made chemicals are destroying the natural environment as human beings (Homo sapiens) continue to allow these toxins or are sadly forced to have these toxins in their individual temples (bodies). There needs to be a serious movement towards utilizing and manage natural products (natural resources) to the best of our abilities and to the best of our knowledge. This should be no different in the field of medicine. The more natural (organic) the substances (matter) are that we put into our temples the more natural and pure the mind, body, spirit (True-self), and our environments will remain. Inorganic toxic chemicals and metallics interfere with our bodies natural energy flow. We must keep our bodies energy forces aligned and synchronized in harmonious cycles that maintain oneness with the Universe. Healthy toxin free food/water is the main medicine we need to focus on Conserving, Preserving, Restoring, and Utilizing wisely. All other medicines need to be utilized wisely without abusing the healing powers which they contain. Plant derived oils (a.k.a. Essential Oils) are extremely therapeutic when utilized properly. These plant extracts are true medicines that are safe and easy to use with little to no harmful side-effects. I believe that man-made drugs should only be utilized as a last resort. They are simply a quick fix. Like most quick fixes, they also result in causing more overall harm in the long run. They are far to destructive to be considered true overall therapeutic medicines! We need to be educated and educate others about the safer and overall more beneficial ways of life. The choice is yours! The time for change is now!



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