Speak Up, For Yourself and Others.

Be the voice for those who are silenced.



  • Who is silenced? I know you don't technically mean that literally but who do you mean when you describe someone as "Silenced"? I like the idea very much, but it takes bravery that one can only find inside themselves.... you're telling the people that they must be brave :) Against those who may question them. As someone once told me, "you're harshest critic will always be yourself." Perhaps I've trailed off my original purpose in this comment but so be it I am speaking up for the silenced part of myself. (Sorry I wasted your time by creating such useless writing for you to read)

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  • Silenced are those who cannot find the courage or the opportunity to speak for themselves, those who's lips are closed by the expectations and views of society, those who cannot defend themselves for they have nothing to say in their defense, those who shut off, unfairly treated, mentally harmed, those who cannot say what should be said because others forbade them to. In other words, the Silenced are ordinary people, like you and I, it does not have to be someone religiously oppressed or society-shy, it can be people who you see everyday who want to say something, but find that they cannot without a push. You can be that push.

  • I like the idea it is a new path headed into the future. hopefully wisdom has already guided the results.

  • There is no future ( it is a fiction the Mind) There is only this moment ever. The past also does not exist (another fiction of the Mind) With humility ask your own organs, heart, lungs, liver, small intestines, large intestines etc. They cannot exist except in the NOW, let your organs speak to you. They belong to you, no body else. There is only the present moment.

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