Solar Roads

The Solar Roadways project is working to pave roads with solar panels that you can drive on. The whole roadway network would act as a power grid to homes and businesses and would allow electric cars to charge up on the roadways. It would solve the world's energy problems.

Statistics: There are 25,000 square miles of road surfaces/parking lots/driveways in the lower 48 state of America. If all these were covered by solar panels, at only 15% efficiency, it would produce 3 times as much energy as is used in this area on an annual basis and almost enough to power the entire world!

This is HUGE and could solve our world's energy problems completely. No more fighting over dwindling finite fuel resources. Instead, sustainable energy for EVERYONE!

This fantastic idea needs to be publicised and supported at a global level to get it moving and that's where you come in.

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  • How would the Infrastructure of the roads themselves hold up to natural conditions that deteriorate the material and need to be replaced. What jobs can be made to make sure these power sources are avaible at all times. Where would the energy be concentrated to and how would the right watts of energy be rationed to homes and companies.

  • I agree this is a great idea among, some nicholar testla had believed in.

  • The roadways don't need to be covered in solar panels. People should be more conservative for now and carpool, us public modes of transportation, utilize fuel efficient vehicles (ex. bikes, motorcycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, hoover crafts, etc. Motorized vehicles should be hybrids. They should have to ability to be fueled by oil based products as well as have to capabilities to utilize renewable energy forms, such as; winds, solar, biomass, Hydrogen, Magnets, etc. Our roadway systems should be more user-friendly to other modes of transportation that could potentially safely utilize them. Solar panels, wind turbines, tidal energy, OTEC energy, Geothermal energy, Hydrogen energy, and other forms of cleaner energies like propane or natural gas could be utilized along side roadways, which could provide energy to electric modes of transportation at a fee, much like our modern day gas stations. Communities could also manage their communities' resources in such a positive manner that people wouldn't have to travel very far to complete simple everyday task like going to work, to the grocery store, to the gas stations, to the parks, schools, etc. and wouldn't want to leave their given heavenly environments to begin with.

  • Solar panels to either side of roads makes better sense than embedding them in the road itself, as it eliminates the wear and tear concerns.

  • I saw this idea a couple years ago, there is no wear and tear on these panels. Snow plows would be obsolete because the roads are heated during winter, they are also lighted with LEDs as well. This lighting can be reversed if there is a city wide evacuation that is announced. We should not be using fossil fuels in this day and age. Remember this site is suppose to be for non-biased views so those that have a heavy stock in oil to continue using those resources should not be posting.

    Also, motor vehicles should be obsolete as well, they use more energy than my gas car, the batteries don't charge themselves they still require energy from electric companies. I would be able to get 1 way in my commute of 40 miles most of which is highway.

  • This idea took me on a two hour internet ride and I'm really blown away. Good that GE provided the grant.

  • I would like to convey my gttuiarde for your kindness giving support to those people who absolutely need guidance on in this issue. Your personal dedication to getting the message up and down turned out to be really advantageous and have in every case allowed professionals just like me to reach their objectives. Your amazing helpful tips and hints indicates so much a person like me and extremely more to my peers. Thank you; from each one of us.

  • There is a ciritacl shortage of informative articles like this.

  • Great idea, heard about it a year ago, and sharing with everyone.

  • I Like the idea! Very revolutionary! I think it would be rather realistic to have renewable energy produced energy stations along roadways that were ran and maintained by the government. This would be a great investment that would allow our government to give the people what they want and need and in return be able to provide lots of jobs and revenue. This would be a great investment! The automobile industry would need to be on board for this process to effectively and efficiently occur. So strict gov. regulations would have to be est. to stimulate the renewable energy effiecent personal vehicles and mass transportation industries.

  • Where do we find the money?

  • Rooftops would require less development, perhaps they would be a better first start. I love the crosswalk idea in the video.

  • Tariel Kapanadze, inventor from a Georgia Republic, claims to have invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator. In a demonstration video, the device appears to produce copious amounts of energy from no visible source.

    The components apparently include a radiator buried in the ground, a wire to a water pipe, a Tesla coil/joule thief, a spark gap, transformer, capacitors, 5 ferrite cores from old TV HV transformers, and some other unidentified components.

    Still more than hundred years back great Nikola Tesla have invented principles of reception inexhaustible energy from space surrounding us, that is from, an ether which existence the modern physics denies.Inexhaustible energy is there and talented scientists and inventors have proven this.
    One of them is Tariel Kapanadze, who showed a method of obtaining inexhaustible energy.
    Honor and praise to him and other scientists, for disinterested aid to our humanity! Accursed be the capitalists, in the face of Morgan and Rothschild, which hinder the development of our civilization!

  • I object because it's not the most cost-effective method and it doesn't encourage any behaviour change

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