Global Democracy?

I have seen your video and wanted to say that democracy in the world is the problem in this case. You are clearly calling for an anarchy and I believe such actions are long past overdue. America is at a falling point just as the Roman Empire was at it's respectful era. It is the people's ignorance that eventually led to oligarchies all around the world that control everything there is to control. It is because of our lack of attention and our greed and thirst for equality that brought the world down to its knees. So, like I said, I truly appreciated your video, but I am just not sold that a movement from Australia that is calling for a global democracy that is probably supported by lazy Americans who feel they can make a difference by putting their 2 cents in. If you are truly serious about an idea, have a real plan than just saying that share this video on facebook. I will support this website and its purpose if it promises just like any person of power should and be honest about the power that you wish to hold and fight other oligarchies head to head in order to "save the world".



  • I object because you criticize but don't provide any solutions.

  • I object because you criticize but don't provide any solutions.

  • I object because of the expressed bigotry.

  • This site provides all people with a voice and a vote on global issues affecting the world.

  • Is it laziness or just that I'm smart enough not to burn down my house to clear a rat infestation? We need to clean house not wage a jihad. If your house is cleaner than ours, count your blessings because we aren't gonna be able hire a maid for this one. For a good plan...I like Ikela...I mean...I like Iceland! We need to make the President of Iceland head of the U.N.

  • I object because at this stage of world events POW's propositions sound better than anything else I am familiar with. Technology made us lazy....use it, don't bash it.

  • I object because you are obviously upset that you come from a line of criminals put on Australia by Great Britain

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