New Rule

By definition, politiicans are public servants. Thus they should be paid the same rate. A really esteemed politician should not get more money than a butler. Politiicans should be kept on a tight

'leash' . Politicians should remember that they SERVE US

When they get oout of line show them who is boss. If they

cause to much trouble fire their asses without a benefits



  • I object because to be able to live off a 'butlers' salary, and campaign on a global, or national level would be impossible.

  • I object because I don't want my politician on welfare and Looking for bribes

  • but they already take bribes

  • I agree with PetrKropotkin on the point that they are public servants and they should be under scrutiny as to how they spend their money and with which moral code they interact with the people, just because they are public servants. Jesus had said "I came to serve, not to be served." If we want to advance towards an ideal democracy (that's why we registered to globaldemocracy) we have to apply the Principle Jesus introduced. We are not to reject Jesus because he was not politician. Ghandi was not either (even Ghandi immitated Jesus)! Yet the Principles they left and the Ways they paved for us, by example, are eternal and absolute. However, I'd agree with natebwinning also by pointing out that the system of politics as it is now is making vulnerable the not conscientious politicians and they can easily be bought... so we have to provide them with controlled salary but same time change the old system. Only volunteers who have good motivation to serve unconditionally should be elected. So they must be checked and be approved by their neighbors in their community work. However, in many countries the politicians are not emerging from below because of their unconditional service but jump from above with parachutes... Public servants cannot emerge and be approved from above down without being tested in the public-service arena. They are to emerge only from below up! Democracy as it is today is not the right political system of governing. Democracy is not a philosophy or ideology. It is just a political system. But it must be at least a political system of choosing a public servant not through set up political games by hidden cliques.. Democracy or any other political system will survive according to the degree of service... Times have changed. The next generation, whoever they do not see serving unconditionally they'll fire him/her. People are tired of the old dead style of politics, the stealing and cheating. If politics will continue as it is today, gradually will be driven to self-extinction. Soon, those who dare to become politicians they will be chosen by high level criteria... The world population is of the opinion: "enough is enough..."

  • One mistake took place. My comment used the name of anonymous. How that happened?

  • Health and wellness are an inaidivudls responsibility. Why should we put our health in the hands of money hungry big business.A system that rewards individual health choice, based on standards and measures setup around a health and wellness model. You live well, you're rewarded with cheaper health care premiums. You live bad, you're rewarded with higher health care premiums.This method will make inaidivudls seek health and wellness and personal responsibility first, and still provide critical care functions when needed, but at a more feasible rate.We need more education on health and wellness issues to become more available (like the billions spent on advertising prescriptions drugs) and those with the right message to be recognized both with accredidation and financial rewards.Therefore a different driver needs to steer the ship.

  • I object because 2291 said perfectly my grievance

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