Abolish Illegal Detention of American Act

This Law is an abomination unto the Bill of Rights:




  • Illegal Detention of American Act? I'm sorry, but are you talking about the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)? Or are there two of these bad boys? Holy Shiz if this is so. I think that abolishment is totally the way to go. But I think being aware and making people aware of these things should be step #1. For example, I don't think many people know about The mass fatality planning and religious considerations act, also known as H.R 6566 and they should. And also FM 3.39-40 brought into conversation as the re-education camps. There are many more but those are the examples I share.

  • I object because you are advertising another site.

  • dear mr. president: we are apnielapg to your humanity, your sensible and compassionate side now. we are as aware as you are of the obstacles you must be up against with the world and usa in this shape and can only image the pressure being put upon you by members of congress and big corporate money. if the head of the fbi through 3 past presidents and 23 generals and admirals in addition to 40 more congressional representatives say this is wrong to do to us, listen to them please. please think, if your girls or wife were out and happened to step into a crowd and no one knew who they were and they were immediately taken away and put somewhere you couldn't find them and not given and way to contact you, or a lawyer or a doctor, nothing indefintely . how would you feel, mr. president? this is what you will be allowing for millions of americans if you sign this bill and put the military in charge of maintaining harmony with us. please, please for yourself, michelle and you girls, please don't sign the ndaa bill. you know this is wrong. if they threaten you, we will help you if you will help us now. you will be 99% if you stand for your citizens now and not the money and government nazis we have running us today. please. thank you for you time and consideration,sincerely,lynne in ohio

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