End the drug war

It is a waste of tax payers money.

[1] Legalise canabis and Psilocybin mushrooms

Humans have canabanoid and DMT receptors in their

brains . Canabis has 1000 of uses. The Founding Fathers

grew it. It was considered a crime NOT to grow it during

colonial times in the USA.

[2] Create mind change clinics under medical supervision

that uses LSD

[3] Release all prisoners who took pot



  • I would agree but I think it should be controlled to make sure that the money doesn't go to criminal organizations, that the product is not laced with poisons, and a program to educate people about the ill effects of taking drugs and to get people off of them if they want to. We can tax the drugs to help pay for these programs

  • I object because no sorry but don't change that. It's a stalemate so just leave it.

  • I agree with you're idea. Legalizing cannabis in ALL states of America and maybe even the world could benefit the economy in various regions. Taxing the plant and creating a strict law on home grown weed should be made possible. After all, cannabis is the key to the full awakening to the human body. Also many have said "Weed is a gateway drug"...Yeah, to the refrigerator!

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