Philosophy Taught Early

There needs to be more philosophy taught in schools, to at least help kids learn how to think - just call the subject "Thinking" and make it serious fun.



  • I object because The reasons put forth by the previous commenter are compelling. If this site is to focus on truly global issues it will need to prioritise. I think teaching critical thinking early is a good idea, but, given the current state of global education, it is attempting to run before we can walk.

  • My reference to "the previous commenter" related to a post a friend made on her account from my computer... which is not yet visible for some reason... not to the claim that it is "useless"

  • I absolutely agree with 000000001. I know there aren't many schools in some countries and building some more might appear to be more important than teaching philosophy in them once built, but in my oppinion, we should seriously reconsider what we teach and learn at school and improving the system in order to educate more tolerant and thoughtful young people should be a priority. These two issues are not enemies. They should go together, hand in hand. And yes, starting to think early is a cornerstone for a better future.

  • we are taught through repitition and memory,memorization. we should be tought on a problem solveing basis. but then how could we be controled.

  • right from school children's minds systematically blocked from thinking with reasoning & logic

  • The question is now a matter of how it could/should be implemented. As previous commentators have mentioned, there is a infrastructure problem that must be addressed: such as class sizes, equal access & quality of teaching being just a few.

  • philosophy is terrible i should know i did a degree in it. sure if you want to spend your own time learning it do so. but don't spend poor peoples money educatingpeopleon useless subjects. teach them maths science get them a job

  • no real details but basically a good idea

  • I object because not the job of educators, parents job

  • Me and this arctlie, sitting in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

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