Recycle Incentive

All recyclable packaging should have a refund value which would create a financial incentive to put it in the right place. Many items are simply thrown away and end up in bush land, waterways, or landfill sites. If there was a refund value people would gather up these items and seek the financial reward and the item would end up being recycled, 1, 5 or 10 cents added to the cost of the product would make little difference to consumers.



  • I think Australia is becoming more responsible in this regard and agree with your suggestion.

  • In Germany people gather most of the items in separated bins, bags and sacks. It works fine even though people don't get money for it. You won't find much packaging in the land. Only bottles have a value you get back as money from the market when returning the items.

  • I agree but only if the price refunded is less than the amount saved by recycling it. I don't want to see a $20 refund on my Pepsi can. I'm greatly exaggerating so you will see my point.

  • I agree with your notion. I would suggest that governments take the initiative to supply the citizens with easy to use, durable, well labeled recycling bins made from recycled materials. I think it would also be very beneficial to have more recycling centers, which would make it easier to recycle, resulting in an increase compliance. Recycling needs to go beyond the average sorting system. We have the potential to recycle everything, but the entire system has to make drastic changes starting with the consumers choices of products. The manufactures need to utilize materials that can be easily recycled with little to no environmental degradation!

  • I remember collecting bottles for the cash back, as a kid it was a way of getting pocket money and cleaning the place up! Returning cans etc to get cash back is a great way of recycling. The UK used to have milk delivered to the door and the empty bottles collected each day.. reused door to door delivery. Crushed by supermarkets and cheap deals.

  • It's imritapeve that more people make this exact point.

  • Free knowledge like this doesn't just help, it promote decycramo. Thank you.

  • Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable suocre? Oh well, gj!

  • We have this in California with our CRV (California Refund Value). When someone returns a recyclable beverage container, they are paid around 5¢. It definitely encourages recycling and should include all recyclable items!

  • Great idea!

  • Good idea, but would this not be too complex? if people didnt have access to the refund mechanism would they then lose the incentive to recycle. To educate everyone into recycling for the sake of it is surely a better approach. Educate, educate, educate.

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