When we die our bodies should be placed in the earth whole and a tree planted on top of us so the tree can consume our body and we can feed the earth.

Some areas are so over populated that we simply need to cremate bodies as we would have a big stink, the overpopulation should be rectified so that balance can be restored.



  • I object because This goes against many religious and spiritual beliefs on the proper care of a body. Individuals should be allowed to make a personal decision as to how their body is handled and the needs of society should be only part of that decision.

  • I like your thoughts very much so. But 000002291 has a point. People must have religious freedom, otherwise war comes about. Perhaps you consider that a result of the extreme, but in the end it is true.

  • I agree with both posts before me. ogd, I understand where you are coming from, but I think you have a very specific view. Even though I personally get what you are saying, someone's death is very personal and I don't think that they should be told what to do.

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