Campaign ideas abuse religion

Personally I think laws should not be bias, it should not benefit the good or the bad people in society, it should be equal for everyone around the world, the biggest problem I have is how people always seem to pull religion into their own campaign ideas, I think this is wrong, its better to support your ideas with facts and real evidence of research rather than placing the idea that God has approval of THEIR ideas.




  • While I agree, you don't actually propose any way to do this.

  • What, so you want to force people to not use religion in their campaigns?

    I think you need to rethink your position because the fact is, people have the right to say what they believe, and the voters have the right to know what they believe.

    What you're saying sounds nice on the surface, but stick your face below the water for a moment. What you think is a good idea will only result in usurping a person's individual liberty.

    The other person that agreed with you, they're seeing what you're apparently not, that to be free and to somehow stop people from falsely using God is not going to work because you have no right to enforce some legal measure based on your opinion that somebody is lying.

    I think Obama's lying about his religion too to appeal to the vast majority of voters, especially Black American voters.

    I believe that Obama is actually a Muslim just like his father and his community that he grew up with in Kenya as a child. Either that, or he's an Atheist because he's definitely no Christian. Actual Christians are not people that talk and act with such deceit and manipulation as he has.

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