Photo shopping should be banned.

Photo shopping images of models, celebrities and the like needs to be abolished due to the tremendous effect it has on all generations. Eating disorders are on an increase and societies perception of beauty is contorted.

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  • Perhaps banned is extreme and just labeling be made compulsory like cigarette labeling (warning this Image has been photo shopped) ?

  • Lets go ahead and ban bugs bunny too. He looks nothing like a real rabbit.

  • I agree, I work in design and photography in beauty industry and I totally agree with this. It should be banned and totally prohibited the use o photoshop over people.

  • To ban this would not be extreme. We are a world of natural beauty and diversity.

  • I think manipulated photos should come with a disclaimer. It will prevent a lot of teenage girls and boys from ending up with insecurities.

  • I agree with inserting a disclaimer that a picture is photo shopped and maybe creating scale of how much change has been made to the picture. Such as a scale from 1-5 or 1-10.

  • I think manipulated photos should come with a disclaimer. It will prevent a lot of teenage girls and boys (and not only....) from ending up with insecurities.

  • Photoshopping is both humiliating to the model and the viewers. The model becomes self-conscious because she know that she can't look the way she does without a special team of digitizers and the viewers become self-conscious because they buy in to the fake beauty they see in this photos.

  • Taking already beautiful and healthy models and transforming them into caricatures of what is the standard of true beauty absolutely reinforces the idea what who you are is never good enough. That's just begging for mental health problems.

  • Well, banning would be a good idea, but it is unrealistic. I would be happy about showing models and celebrities in a more realistic way. I am teaching at a girls school and the most important topic - I want to look like. Kids in the sixth or seventh grade are on diets because they want to loose weight to look like...Often enough the mothera are causing all of the problems. They are even talking about plastic surgery. All of this because of fake photographs in magazins.

  • Photo shopping images of models, celebrities and the like needs to be abolished due to the tremendous effect it has on all generations. Eating disorders are on an increase and societies perception of beauty is contorted.

  • I object because 1st Amendment issues, consumer choice. Disclaimer would be preferable.

  • A cartoon and a real person are very different; while putting labels of warning on is helpful it is often ignored just like with cigarettes (have you met anyone yet who didn't buy a pack because of the label). There is no purpose to continuing to allow the extreme photoshopping that has been happening in magazines, they may as well make up their own "cartoon" celebrities and models and use them as well as there is no connection to the real world anymore.

  • i think this is wrong no wonder kids and adults are having weight and confidence issues because they look up to these photos even though there not real it still make you wish you were like that .they should be taken as they look instead of making every photo look PERFECT because no one is

  • Photoshopping is significantly altering boys and girls views on the female body. My daughter is 104 lbs, 5'6' tall and wears a size 1 in jeans. She is stick thin but a boy told her she was too "fat" to date. She was shocked but has a healthy enough attitude to get by; many of her friends who are not stick thin are now dieting.

  • While the IDEA sounds good..If I am hiring a module at say $500 a day, for a ad shoot, and she has a blemish on her face.. i should do what? I invested in the location maybe, catering, a photographer..there may be deadlines for the ad's to get in, pay the module, ect ect. Retarded. Having said that...the standards we are setting for my 15 year old girl to live up to are..unreal. Don't know the answer, but, this aint it.

  • I object because I feel it is not the tool of photo shopping thats negative, and infact it may even be considered artistic in some cases. However I do agree that photo shopping images of people to give an inaccurate idea of beauty is wrong. Therefore, I think what is more important than taking away the freedom to play with images, is to educate people on the true meaning of beauty. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.

  • There should be a disclaimer. But limitations on photo-shopping women (and men) should also be considered. To completely ban photo shopping images would compromise the tech and marketing industry. Rather than getting rid of anything, other things need to be addressed to the public.

  • I am for banning for photo shop on people.

  • I think manipulated photos should come with a disclaimer.

  • Yo he sido afectada por que no loro verme de como una de ellas

  • I understand photo shopping but it's gotten extremely excessive and unrealistic, which is unfair to girls of all ages [myself included] trying to live up to these standards of women their boyfriend/husband, etc., finds "hot" or in any way attractive. This is what causes so many girls to have eating disorders or trying in any way to look like these people they see on a regular basis.

  • I feel photographs need to be identified when retouching has taken place but I won’t vote for a ban.

  • This should be banned all over the world

  • Mental physical and emotional abuse, change the laws to prevent this being an aspiration , deciding the fate of the perceived, life as we are is the gift, embrace the beauty we see , seen over and over the acceptance will be accepted.

  • I agree completely, a lot of teen-agers go through heavy diets, plastic surgery and ote health damaging experiences to look like models that don't exist!

  • I object because it portrays a false image. Media today already is portraying that women are all size 2 and if not, they should be. There should be no reason as to why a photo should be altered. That is basically lying to anyone who is looking at it and making decisions based on what they see.

  • Should be regulated not banned. Regulated in such a way that it will not cause harm to our children or future generatiob

  • Totally agree it's false advertising and misleading to make people believe they have to look just like the girls in magazines. When in fact thanks to the lovely computer software, they don't actually look like that either.

  • Photoshopping should be indicated; but the practice should not be prohibited. Stomping out symptoms does not cure problems. The problem is narrow standards of beauty in advertising, standards which are most frequently sexist, ageist, racist, and geared to make us buy/buy/buy.

  • I object because I personally think a warning like in car publicity is a better idea. Anyway banning things we don't like is not the good way to go... Or else some people can vote to ban

  • I object because Photoshop is a great tool and can be very helpful if used in the right way. Photo shopped images should come with disclaimer.

  • GOD created us as what we are!!! and we must be as we are!! those photoshopped photos are making some ppl just ill mined, depressed why they are not so perfect as those on pix! that is not right way of living....
    if they wona show real beauty then let them find such models and do their pic as they are with no stupid photoshop !!! i am working at media, when we having castings, models sending us their portfolios and we say wooowwww what a beauty ..... then we chose them by those pix, when the selected models show up in front of our eyes you just wona ask them all to leave the studio!!!!! as they all not look as in those pictures!!! ugly and so so so so so deferent! its real absurd and must be banned it defiantly!!! We must remain as what we are ! not as what photoshop do!!!!!!!

  • I object because I think it would do nothing to prevent companies from doing it anyways, and sometimes its really difficult to prove it has been done. I believe that it should come labeled and the original photo should be available to viewers.

  • At least warning labels clearly visible should be included in edited images

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