Global means All Countries

First step, if we want to make it global, we need some kind of translating or "in every language versions of the site" so everyone can participate in every language.



  • Don't waste your time with this place. These people don't even have to common courtesy to comment on your suggestions to let us know they are at least trying to do something right. What a bunch of wad gulpers.

  • Yup, that shulod defo do the trick!

  • Help, I've been ifonrmed and I can't become ignorant.

  • I could not agree more. It reminds me of Star Trek episodes where other specifies allegedly speak other languages but we can still distinctly see their mouths moving and speaking English! Just a thought... Of course probably because producers thought it would be more appealing to the audience...

  • yes dear... we are doing activities of to become global democracy...and try to make one world... it makes vast result regarding better education... end of poverty... end of starvation... no entry restrictions...
    live in peace without arms.... so, borderless global democracy is our aim......

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