Teach how to make a difference

Schools should teach kids how to make a difference. They should teach kids what are the obligations of mayors, governors, presidents, prime-ministers. Kids should learn who to talk to and where to go when they are not happy with something they saw in their neigborhood, so they could be part of a solution.



  • Our younger generations must be taught of their high importance and should be taught strategies to work together to make changes through optimal communication and group cohesiveness. Our younger generations need positive role models in their lives, so it is up to the older generations to pass down the right knowledge and set a good example for the younger generations to follow. Younger generations should be given and educated about the resources that they have to utilize so that they can be part of the solution and make a beneficial overall difference.

  • A million thnkas for posting this information.

  • I object because Children should be taught that they are the solution, not under a system that they rely on. Try treating kids like people, and not a seperate group, when considering knowledge

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