Laws forbidding governments from establishing a national religion

With the growing rate of converts to various religious beliefs and to positions of non-belief, isn't it time we banned national religions that impose religious laws onto citizens who do not share similar beliefs?

All governments should be banned from establishing a national religion and laws based on religious beliefs. National religions and religious based laws harm any chance of an equal society. They make outcasts of anyone who claims a different belief or non-belief.



  • be are born free to believe in who or what they want ,not what others want for financial gain or power

  • Individuals should have right to religion, but it should have no place in government. Secular government serves to all and does not give preference to any religious group.

  • Why can't there be one lawful global religion I.e humanity?How ever people find there inner self is there own private journey and no one should judge them on there belief

  • I disagree because it is ultimately the people in these nations who want such laws to exist. Voting on an online resolution to decide their future is neither fair nor useful.

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