Water Rights (rain havesting)

When it rains you should have the right to harvest any water that falls on YOUR property (without diversion). There should be no laws restricting the harvesting of rain water that falls directly on ones own property without limitations. Water is a basic necessity for life.

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  • agree but if you are going to sell the water then how does one know your roof (or whatever) hasn't contaminated the water in some way. Who can control the quality of the water to make sure it's safe?

  • To: 000001041 (Australia) very good point, my intention when writing this was that the water would be for personal use (ie. my own drinking, bathing, gardening etc. not for sale) I say then that to sell any of this harvested water would require going through whatever requirements are already in place to do so.

  • Like the idea if it was agriculral purposes only

  • Agree

  • Some questions:
    1. How about homeless people water needs?
    2. If someone's property can harvest more water than his family needs meanwhile others' properties have not area enough to harvest rain water for their families to survive?
    3. If everybody harvest all the rain water how can the groundwater be recovered?
    Water undoubtfully is a basic necessity for live but "without limitations" seem to me some vestige of ideas raised by corporations this community proclaim to oppose.

  • There are already people who collect rainwater to use it fr irrigation, drinking or washing purposes.
    If there is a law against harvesting rainwater i am not aware of it

  • Right now rain water is turning into waste water.

    We have built up so much of the land that less and less water is being returned to the aquifers. It is running off roof tops, down streets and into the rivers. This is washing chemicals into the larger environment. So to collect the rain water, even if one collects more then they use, would not do more or less damage to the current state of aquifers.

    A suggestion to answer the query of "too much to be consumed" it could be placed into a "aquifer recharge station" maybe? Where the water can naturally seep into the ground?

    As for Agriculture use only, that is silly. There are countries in Africa an the Middle East where companies OWN the water rights to whole villages. They are not allowed to harvest even rain, what little they might otherwise get. So they go without, steal it, or harvest it in the shadows, so to speak.

    If we are allowed to collect the rainwater, with current air-born pollutants, it would need to be filtered anyway. Companies would profit from creating safe collectors, filter units, maintenance of said units, etc... So it would be a win-win situation.

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