Food Label Requirements

All food items should be required to be fully labeled as to their ingredients. This should include mandates for GMO/GE food ingredients. This should include all meats injected with who know what as well. Even local water authorities should be required to indicate levels of fluoride and chlorine and what ever else is in the water.

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  • Good show, guys.I don't think the issue of water is covered nerlay enough. Maybe it's because it's not that glamorous; I donno.We've been using an RO system here at home for years now. I like it well enough, but I had I known about a Berkey back then, I would have gotten that instead. Yeah, it's nice to have the RO system plumbed in (so we can have RO ice, for instance), but it costs a lot more to maintain. We paid $180 for our 5-stage system back in '05, and we have to pay about $60/yr to maintain it (assuming we don't have to replace the membrane which runs about $60 too.)I always assumed that the RO system removed chlorine and flouride with the various activated carbon filters that are part of the setup. I'm fairly certain that it gets the chlorine (removes that tell-tale taste), but I'm not so sure about the flouride. Kinda concerning Another short-coming we have with the RO system is that it requires utility line pressure to force water through the system. Yes, there's a 3-gallon tank under my sink that stores purified water, but if I lose utility water, I use the ability to filter water with the RO system. Even if it's just a couple Berkey bottles, having an additional means to address the water concern is definitely near the top of our list of things to buy when money allows.Oh, and I also wanted to share real quick. For those of you who don't have any means to filter your city water, if you put it on the counter in a pitcher and let it sit for 24 hours, the chlorine will bubble out of it. Chlorine is really hard on your thyroid, and putting your water out for 24 hours before you use it is a free way to help until you can do something better.Current score: 0

  • Tip top stfuf. I'll expect more now.

  • You write so honestly about this. Thanks for saihrng!

  • This is going to be a difficult one. But yes, definitely agreed.

  • and where they are grown and procesed..we need to knoe where are food comes from

  • I agree 100% in full disclosure, including GMO/GE food ingredients.

  • I vote 'yes', all food items should be required to be fully labeled as to their ingredients.

  • I vote 'yes', all food items should be required to be fully labeled as to their ingreients.

  • Great idea - all foods & all water, as much of it is so far removed from what our bodies were naturally used to processing. We don't have any choice in what we eat/drink if we have no idea what it actually is that we are ingesting!

  • knowledge should not be manipulated by the media to reflect the populations desires

  • we all should know what we eat... is a basic right that the companies owe to all of us..

  • Normally I will read the other's comments but I'm not going to right now. So I apologize if I repeat there ideals or thoughts. I just want to point out that I agree with you. But i want to ask you this, because I see so much apathy in every moment of eye contact that I hold with every single human being sharing this earth around me. They don't care. They hear the word politics and immediately yawn. They hear about this website and leave the room. So I ask you now, would they care? And even scarier, Do they want to know? If we told them that studies have shown that McDonald's hamburger's only contained two percent meat, would they stop eating there? (It isn't McDonald's meat, but I've read an article about some fast food restaurants, it didn't list specific names.) They KNOW that their french fries are sliced potatoes, if that, doused in grease and salt and they ENJOY them. They don't want a reminder. They already know. We need to do something to inspire passion in the public. People need to care. Before we start ideas of how to make things better. We need the masses on our side. I hope I got my message across correctly, the best of luck.

  • I object because this would create a huge strain on the market economy, and the possibility of keeping a franchise/special recipe etc.
    Yes, the idea would add to a common awareness of what horrible things we all too often digest, but it would create a way too big strain, for it to be acceptable. Especially small companies would be heavily burdened by the amount of testing needed etc. to fulfill these requirements.

  • I think required labeling would be beneficial to not only the consumers, but to the marketers and owners themselves. It would just make everything better in more ways than one.

  • I wish I knew what I was eating, its scary that we don't.

  • I object because Gmo's are not dangerous and shouldn't be treated as an issue. We're making things seem dangerous when they aren't and making things seem safe (when they often aren't) such as organic foods where dangerous "natural" pesticides are used.

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