Climate change, so what?

So the climate is changing, animals are dying and migrating, sea levels are rising. What are we to do? Stop our civilization in its tracks by setting aside pollutants and going green? Don't be ridiculous. The climate is going to change one way or another, eventually. Yes, we should move towards cleaner energy, but not at the expense of efficiency. What we should set out to do, however, is proof ourselves against whatever change is coming. We should build infrastrusture designed to be safe in a changing climate.



  • I object because I do believe it is important to go as green as possible. Economic efficiency is a transient term which will eventually lose its relevance in a changing global system of commerce and government, but the wellbeing of living systems is paramount and mustn't be secondary to economic concerns.

  • -Revir: I believe it's best to go as green as possible too, but the key word is POSSIBLE, the green industry isn't as well-developed as the dirty (and efficient) one. I'm totally for green industry, longterm, because it is ultimately more efficient. However, right now, at this very moment, dirty industry is more efficient. Economic efficiency is not, has never been, and probably will never have become, a transient term. Economic efficieny led to the rise of our greatest ancient civilizations, and has led to the rise of the global community that we have now become. Living systems, or at least the ones I care about (e.g. humans), are the things that profit from healthy choices in the economic domain. We do what we must to allow us to survive and prosper, and it just so happens that to survive and prosper, we also have to look out for all the cute and fuzzy animals. To a certain extent.

  • the climate has been changing for millions of years. Look at Mars! they say it once had running rivers. I guess we'll fin out soon thanks to Curiosity. Do you think humans once lived on Mars and stuffed up the planet?

  • 000001041: Thank you, if you're being sarcastic. Otherwise- seriously? I mean, come on. Although I suppose anything is possible.

  • I object because If we don't start helping the environment one the human race will be studied in a museum by what ever life form inhabits earth next. Like the dinosaures.

  • GD000002616: The dinosaurs died because they couldn't adapt to the change caused by one very large event. Climate change is predicted to be slightly more gradual. Dinosaurs never had any advanced technology at all. Please don't personify the environment, it is there to be used for the benefit and betterment of mankind. Which means that we will, ultimately, have to switch to green industry. Give it time. It's not so long ago that we were getting around in horse-drawn buggies.

  • I object because I dont want us to change the climate of the earth. I like my climate quite much and I do not want to give it for a bigger flatscreen or a faster car. In addition I don't want to see more and more extinct species. The changing climate is a harbinger of further changes caused by a growing word population and its needs.

  • Germany: It is inevitable that some species go extinct eventually, although I'm not exactly craving their extinction. If you think I mean the production of flatscreen tv's and fast car's when I mention industry, you're sadly mistaken. I'm talking about electricity. Want to try to live without that for a while? Want the entire human race to have to live without it? Yes, we have a growing population with similarly growing needs. The way to provide for those needs is to move slowly, I repeat, SLOWLY away from dirty energy.

  • @proaeternusgloria:

    "Yes, Olivia?"
    "Michael, it's so silent this morning! I dont hear the birds singing!"
    "Olivia, dont worry! Its the changing climate. Some species extinct. No cause for alarm.
    Theses birds would have extincted anyway at some point time. We should be grateful and happy, cause we have cheap electricity! I could save some money for us. For you I have bought a new and much bigger and brighter flat screen TV. So we can see the world through this. Here, in our home! We have clean and filtered air to breathe. Really good technology for saving us and preventing us from the fume and dust particels of the old dirty powerplants. And I have bought a new more powerful air conditioning system with a 15 years warrenty. So we are prepared for the rise of temperature during the next years!"
    "And the poor people? Possibly some cannot buy air conditioning systems!"
    "Olivia, dont worry! The climate could have changed anyway. No cause for alarm."

    In that what we do we are responsible towards all people and regions on this planet. And as always, when deciding what and how to do it, we individually have to find out: What is really worthy and important for us, what has most value? Nature? Cheap electricity? Luxary? Production efficiency? ...

    The earth is a small sphere with a thin layer of breathable air. I think we should not ignore the side effects of our doing. For me it does not make sense just to discount and say: "Climate changes anyway. So stop thinking about how to prevent this."

    On the other hand you are right when saying "We should build infrastructure designed to be safe in a changing climate." Climate might and will change some time with and also without humans. But we should not accelerate the negeative effects of a changing climate.

  • Hah! That's what I'm talking about! that was incredibly caustic and witty, and arguments like that are why I joined this site. Thank you, Anonymous. Ever seen V for vendetta? Anyway, I digress, as a species our number one goal should be to advance our technology to the point that we can get off this "small sphere with a thin layer of breathable air". Or even fix it, although I imagine that would be incredibly difficult. It would also be a good time to start building DNA banks for all the species we're losing. You're missing my point though. I don't want "cheap electricity", although that's certainly nice. What I want is a power base (energy, not political) that can expand as fast as the world population, already past 7 bil. What I want, is a manufacturing base strong enough to get us into space, so we can start harvesting those near-infinite resources. I want somebody in the future to look back at this comment and say: Space? near-infinite resources? Hah, ignorant prick, there isn't that much here, and now we're having to look elsewhere.
    I hope you read this, because I get the feeling I would greatly enjoy whatever argument you have. I hope I can sway you to my point of view, but I doubt it. Neither of us is deluded, we just happen to believe differently, for different reasons.

  • If we lived on Mars and migrated here, lets not fuck things up again

  • Our Universe is governed by the laws of nature. Our planet (Earth), The Almighty Universal Temple, is being destroyed by our so called, Caretakers (Homo Sapiens), at alarming rates. When will the destruction end? We must make drastic changes in our overall ways of life as human beings to ensure that our planet will be able to sustain life in the future. Our planet's average global temperature is increasing at alarming rates. Polar ice sheets, ice bergs, glaciers, and mountain top snow are melting at alarming rates, which will eventually result in our precious lands turning into oceans. Only we, Human beings, have the ability to make the so necessary drastic changes to ensure that life continues to flourish and produce viable offspring on our planet. The Industrial Revolution has escalated to a point of worldwide self-destruction. Human beings have been destroying themselves, each other, and our natural environment at alarming escalating rates through the Industrial Revolution which is the most destructive and detrimental movement ever created. Our technological industries need to be leaders in the environmental conscious movement and clean-up (fix) their mistakes. Scientists have already concluded that our planet is in great danger if our human population continues to escalate and if our CO2 emissions aren't reduced drastically. These changes need to happen as soon as possible in order to ensure that our planet doesn't turn into another desert waste land like Mars. The solution is simple! Conservation! Only take what you need and make sacrifices so that others don't have to suffer from your mistakes. There are many cleaner, safer, more productive, more efficient and effective solutions out there. Our species has the ability to accomplish anything we put our minds to. It's never too soon to make these necessary changes a reality! Renewable energies will greatly enhance the planets overall quality life if we fully implement them into our ways of life. Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring (C.P.R.) our planet's natural resources is crucial for the continuation of life on our planet. Especially for the continuation of productive (beneficial) human populations. An environmental conscious movement needs to erupt at a rapid pace before our volcanoes erupt due to the increased global temperatures and the destruction of our planet's natural resources. We must cherish and respect all of our creators creations and we must do our part to ensure heavenly never-ending cycles of everlasting life throughout all of existence. This planet is our only true home. Our Almighty Universal Temple needs to be managed properly by it's Caretakers. All of our hard work will pay off! I promise! Peace be the journey!

  • Well... That's certainly a nice sentiment. However, change of some kind is inevitable. Change is the only true constant, and all that. What we need to do is prepare ourselves for that change.

  • I object because as a race we need to look after all of us and our planet.

  • I object because , a meteor is heading towards earth, do something, why? that would be a lot of hassle, i mean we are all gonna die anyway

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