Greater Financial Transparency

We need government, banks and industry to open their books to greater public scrutiny. Where the money comes from, where it goes and who benefits.

Once we lift this veil of secrecy, there will be more open and honest relationships leading to more empowerment of the people.



  • this will never happend because people are to lazy to fight to make it happend,we'll just wait and see ,it won't be that bad,until it's to late to do anything about it anymore, PEOPLE if you don't care think about what your leaving your children and grand children

  • I agree with Jos, but I would like to see more transparency.

  • secrets should be not allowed at all. the system does not let me log in so i can not vote

  • While the idea for greater and better transparency in government, banks, and industry is a wholesome one, its implementation will be difficult and challenging because it is through this 'veil of secrecy' that they have enjoyed legitimacy in political power and commercial gains often at the expense of each nation's people and resources. Unless of course they are able to agree on 'common' standards of transparency principles and practice across the board and backed by relevant laws applicable to each nation state.

  • Personally I don't think any public service should be in the hands of a private company as they only wanna make money forgetting about service without the people they have nothing

  • This would be a great start. Publish the books for all to see. Perhaps that would create greater change.

  • Corruption goes so deep, in the UK they call it sleaze so it doesn't sound quite so nasty.

  • I agree with the idea, but I don't think that any legislation will be able to make it happen.

    By asking for transparency, you are asking the rich and influential to stand naked before a storm, and let it tear them and their entire empire to pieces. Legislature will not force them to change their practices, it will only force them to change how they hide their various abuses.

    Not that it really matters, even when we do discover and take legal action against corporate entities, the major players all get minor fines comparable to the wealth they hold and the damage their various schemes cause, and none of them ever suffer in prison. They just call up their cadre of lawyers on retainer, have them work out some kind of plea bargain while still not technically admitting fault, and then pass on the expense plus a new set of rules to their customers and subsidiaries.

    Without a true scouring of the corruption, it will never abate. The issue isn't transparency, it's a broken judicial branch who's judgement can be bought with money and political favors. Justice is broken, and with it, the nation.

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