Boxed Society

Boxed Society: Where we are given options but not choices, perception of free thinking but no freedom of thought, where we are thought to choose black or white but not the grey.

Breakdown the boxes... so that our soul can thrive. We are all here to learn and grow, how can we do that if we're all stuck in boxes put forth for us like politics, finance, educational systems... be the change you want to see.



  • Perception of freedom isn't freedom! perception of freedom is what we have now! I want freedom!

  • I object because Everybody does have the freedom to think.

  • As a recent epxamle, let's see how Yakuza 3 on PS3 was adapted for the US territory. A lot of gamers complained because some scenes and important elements of the games where changed when the game made it to US. This gets me wondering: how much of the cut content was actually inappropriate for American audiences as in cultural differences would prevent full understanding and therefore only serve to confuse the player and impede their progress , as opposed to Americans are generally far more religious and uptight than Japanese people, so we can't show them this kind of nudity and/or violence ? I assume that someone purchasing the third installment in a game series would normally have a pretty good idea as to what kind of content they were getting into, especially with a series such as Yakuza, which is relatively well-known. The games even receive ratings similar to films, giving the consumer an even better idea of what the game in question contains. Regardless as to what country this game is purchased in, by default (due to content) the player will generally be an adult or at least old enough to understand that the game may contain some naughty bits . Just look at the cover this fact is not going to surprise anyone. So who are the publishers to decide even further who this game is for, and what parts they should be allowed to play?. Video game translation shall always be respectful of gamers. it's rather an entry job but as long as you get paid!

  • I object because you propose no way to do that

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