Eliminate\Reduce Advertising and Marketing Globally

In developed socities where Tv, Radio, and Internet are common luxuries in a household we are influenced daily by biased opinions and thoughts on cultural trends as to what is "Stylish, Good, and Acceptable".

Advertising in essense is to create a trend in which a product is selling itself based off a mindset that is bestowed upon a society.

To often kids in particular are creating judgments on other kids based off what "brand" their parents can afford. This particular style of judgement dosn't end with their childhood people carry this misguided sense of worth deep into adulthood.

This is why we need limited influences on our youth. Until we disolve this "barbie" lifestyle we have influenced this world with we have no real future. As materialistic items should not be what drive humanities existance. Living life for "things" is a plague on the earth and will continue to hinder our species until it is abolished.

"How will people sell things if they can't advertise" I'm not saying stores shouldn't be allowed to put up signs for people to see. What I'm saying is we don't need the same commercial for a toy played 10 times in 1 hour in attempts to brainwash children in thinking the toy is a MUST HAVE in order to be cool.

We need to start eliminating bad programming at its very essence if we wish to have humans being individuals and not a programmed society.



  • One of the things that has to be stopped immediately is the sale of war and competition games to children. We need to sell game that teach our children to get along with their neighbors instead of killing or bullying them into submission.

  • I have to disagree a few parts unfortunately. If a individual without persuasion purchases a title that may induldge in a horror fantasy that should not be placed in judgement. Action, Comedy, and Horror are genres of the imagination that can be explored. I do concur that we don't need to go out of our way to show them but if a individuals preferences are more dark who is anybody else to judge their taste in literature, television, or video games?

    The idea that video games make people more prone to kill and violent has been exploited tremendously to take the initial responsability away from the individual. One does not lose moral values playing a video game nor does it eliminate knowing wrong from right in reality.

    Not to mention competition can be a healthy attribute amongst humans when applied in a good methodical fashion. But you are right we need more cooperation and less greed.

  • I'm with you Anonymous.

  • I object because We should have the freedom of press and people should have the right to information so they can form there own opinions.

  • I object because this is an assault on individual liberty. I do NOT need a global government telling me I can or can not advertise my product(s).

  • I'm from the marketing industry and I agree partly. I'm totally up for a world where people don't get forced to watch and see advertising because it is everywhere. Actually you could consider this spam. TV is a good example for that.

    Turn advertisement into creative information media that people can sign up for and we are back to fairness.

  • Some individuals have strayed away from the intended message, Especially you GD00002616.

    This in no form or way suggests this monoply will be ran by a "Global Government". You're at the frontline of having that now more than ever though if might add. All of the network and communication agencies are owned by 3 major corporations in America. Eventually that will dwindle down to 1 if its not already a duopoloy of sorts.

    The constitution will not be enroached on either. This simple agenda is to regulate what content can be pumped into our youths mind and at what rate.

    GD, You don't realize that you have no opinion when it comes to television. The amount of psychological attributes that is put into television to intentionally build perspectives is mind boggling.

    Humans are individuals to a certain exctent but we're in a age that those at the top have understanding that humans like animals still react to certain things and are very capable of manipulating circumstances whether its political or for profit.

    Humans have not been true individuals since the Television was commericialized. All of the cultural habits are represented by the television.... There i whole generations that don't know anything that didn't come from television.

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