Lets switch to a RBE. (This is not my idea, but I agree with it)

What is it?

“A resource-based economy is a society without money, barter or trade, with the awareness that Humanity is One family and where technology, science and spirituality is used to it’s fullest to develop and manage the planet’s resources to provide abundance for everyone in the most sustainable way.”

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Lets try this Paradigm out, because our current one is Broken.

The Idea first came from Jacque Fresco, learn about him here: www.thevenusproject.com



  • I object because it is not part of human nature. Communism failed.

  • I think it's never succeeded before because it's never been tried. Really tried. And, what do you consider human nature? Kill or be killed? which is pretty much what our system amounts to right now. I don't think that's human nature. I think its programmed response.

    There are a few problems I have with this however. One is how to implement it, what with all the people thinking it's some airy faery utopian idiotic dream. I don't think so. I think it my be our next step on the evolutionary path or at the very least a means out of the mess we've gotten ourselves into. I think its sustainable but, only if there's a police in place that will knock down any free thinkers that try to exist outside that system. I think a good percentage of global society 80% to 90% would have to be on board with implementing this type of system for it to be pulled off.

    I think that if a group of people tried to implement this system by laying down laws saying that no one owns anything and everyone has the right to have anything they want there would be chaos. And, there would be a complete reversal between those that have and those that have not. If money were to suddenly cease to exist I have no doubt that a great many people would simply walk off their jobs dig in, arm up, and begin scavenging and looting anything they could get their hands on whether they need it or not.

    The only way that this kind of system could be implemented is if there was a stockpile of goods that could be distributed worldwide in a short period of time, say three to six months. The shorter time frame time the better. And, huge amounts of good healthy food and free medical care better be on hand for those that live hand to mouth. I think that everyone who has contributed to the collapse of our present system, the so called unempathic soulless robots that have run our world practically into its grave, would have to be rounded up and arrested if for no other reason that their own safety. Then a massive re-education program would have to be implemented for everyone or we would just re-devolve into the same mess we have now.

    I have a big problem with no one being able to own anything. I fully understand how no one should be able to own land because I believe land and ground based resources and water are a community resource. And, that ties in with my deep spiritual belief that our planet is a living sentient being and cannot be enslaved as we've been trying to do to her for centuries. Part of the problem of our own enslavement is that we believe in slavery, if we didn't we wouldn't be trying to enslave our only life giving resource, the planet. But, I do believe that people have the right to own things that are useful to them or have emotional value. And, if someone takes a piece of land and develops it to be sustainable for themselves without it being detrimental to anyone else, then there's no reason that it should be taken from them in service to some whole. And, once that person dies or no longer needs or wants the land then it goes back into the community kitty, so to speak, instead of being part of some inheritance to their blood descendants. As to household goods such as computers, entertainments systems, cooking appliances, tools, etc. I believe everyone has to right of ownership. I watched the movie "Zeitgeist; Moving Forward", it portrayed people not being able to own equipment such as telescopes. That everything belonged to some kind of 'community goods library" and a person could "checkout" anything they wanted to use and then bring it back when they were finished using it. I think that would be a great idea, but I also think if someone had a hobby of astronomy there's no reason they shouldn't be allowed to own their own personal telescope. And, if they lost interest in the hobby they could donate the telescope to the community library for others use. Or perhaps the Community Goods Library could also be a place where people could will their belongings to the community for recycling and further use if no family member wanted the continued use of the items.

    As to the ownership of transportation; cars, vans, trucks, etc. I could fully agree with that if everyone were to live in a city. But I firmly believe that people shouldn't live in cities, small towns maybe but, I'd like to see big cities done away with. Maybe its because I've lived in both and I find it more peaceful and healthier to live in the country than any city.

    I did write this comment on another section for the same topic. I'd just forgot to login before I posted this the first time. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm not plagerizing someone else's work.

  • who know,it can't be worse than what we have now ,except for the rich,because they don't have any worthy talents but taking money from others

  • I object because I agree with Joyeux and Shaggyman. I also agree with Jos.

  • RBE is not communism. It is not Marxism. It is not Socialism. Capitalism, along with all them 'ism's' don't work. RBE has never been tried. Sorry to burst bubbles, but if you try to marry it up with anything else, you really don't quite fully understand what RBE actually is.

    Also, understand the difference of human nature and what is a result of environment. A cannibal killing a certain amount of humans isn't human nature, that's just a person living and behaving in a certain way that is a result of the environment they have grown with. This world is all about that.

    If everyone has basic human rights and an abundance of basic human needs (Shelter, Food, Water, Clothing, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Communications, etc.) and potentially more and has grown in that sort of environment, what will be the driving force to create disharmony to the degree we have now or tyrants for that matter? I'm interested to know what actual research a rebuttal on this point, is formed on.

    Education is the key to see how it is workable. Being informed is preferred over being just simply opinionated. It is puzzling to form an opinion on something without actually properly researching it.

    As proven with all the 'ism's', while money is involved, there will always be corruption and with that, no true democracy. Even if we overthrew governments and forced them to hold the banks and corporations accountable, it will only be a matter of time before things get back to the way they are now.

    Why keep beating your head against the wall when you keep getting the same result? It's sheer stupidity.

  • If the system would let me log in i would certainly vote for this one, although it is against the interest of a very small group of very cruel very powerfull rich people, so i think we should start with a maximum idividual salary, so the step to this plan would be smaller to make. Also i think more plans like this shoild be made, for small communities, and plan's that do not involve breaking down the excisting buildings, but rather integrate them in this idea.

  • Such a deep awnser! GD&RVVF

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