Stuffed Animals and Plastic Flowers

I have always thought it sad that we could make a synthetic stuffed Animal or Plastic Flower whilst many Animals are suffering or have lost habitat. Perhaps it would be better if a law was passed that they can only be made from natural materials which can compost into the earth.



  • How about a percentage of each sale be set aside to help protect the animal being a feel good thing.

  • I object because Punishing people who make products is not the way to help animals who have lost there habitat

  • Who mentioned punishing people?? I'm talking about plastic bears or the ones filled with foam beans which you get at the fair, Plastic flowers too. there completely useless and an insult to nature. I do understand that they can bring a smile to a child's face however if that child understood the bigger picture I'm sure they would rather go without.

  • Created the greatest arieclts, you have.

  • TYVM you've slvoed all my problems

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