go check out the keshe foundation.tesla was one of many who was willing to share with the world his technologys

that being the problem in its self.

the world would already have been a much better place.

there are some really scary folks out there with a sychopathic bendthat would just as easily kill us then just show us what they already have..it is truly sickening that we dont know how truly far we could have already gotten,simply because they cant figure out how to charge for it.

Idea for the world


  • http://www.swallowcommand.com/ Prof. John RR Searls - Another Tesla, only he's still alive !

  • I'm pretty sure the majority of the users of this site are well aware of the suppression of technology. But when we see someone who rediscovers or tries to bring it out into the public, we all should give our support in any way we can. Let's get the good times rolling with free energy and all the other abundance out there that's been hidden.

  • What's your take on that? I am a little disappointed (in the moment) because they just announced that for the big September to do WILL NOT include any demonstrations, only information and teaching. Please don't misunderstand, info and education is exciting, but it's also time (in my opinion) for those who have allegedly mastered some of the technology to demonstrate and inspire the world... nothing would be more powerful and effective is bringing home the Energy revolution that is imminent. They of course speak about danger and concerns with demonstrating... it's hard to argue that if they are in direct physical danger. Perhaps they need to call on some artists, marketers, entrepreneurs, activists, etc to help them disclose in some novel, creative ways that haven't occurred to them yet because of their specializations and focus on the science.

  • The most suppressed technology we have is nuclear fission. We could be living carbon free right now if we had built all the nuclear power plants that were planned. Nuclear power is incredibly safe, most of the claims about health effects and accidents are simply not true.

  • YES! Get this public by all means, open your eyes and learn to decide for yourself what's good.

  • If we're talking science, a kind of tesla.
    It was just "Enos, son of Seth, grandson of adam".
    That's why we can not, explore to the universe, let alone further afield, at least milky way galaxy or solar system like the word 'stupid' / telnet friend
    that is my brother "light", in the purpose of mirror matter you see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDUiuk-12Zg&feature=pyv
    All the world of science, energy, health, etc, about the "angel of war, our war, from the" book "dead sea scrolls".
    Read all comments at, translate first from Indonesia:
    Help orphans (their families from 9:11 Pentagon in year 2178), from karma and reincarnation who are not compassionate.

  • Nuclear powerplants? You are kidding right? How is the most toxic byproduct and threat of nuclear disasters which inhibit any surrounding land or Sea uninhabitable safe? You're either a lobbyist or just misinformed. Free energy is here already: solar and wind. From there lets invent devices that use far less energy and from there new ways of extracting energy from whatever, but it has to be clean and free. Anything which energy companies build, i.e nuclear plants are there to take your money. That's all! If you consider that you could spend about $1000 per year on energy, how much are you worth to energy companies when there are 8 billion people and millions of companies? Just use your brain and don't listen to this lobbyist! If you harness free energy - solar, wind or whatever then your cost is the initial setup. Of course, ideal scenario would be to have energy without any such devices and its available to everyone. First thing inventors need to stop doing is trying to patent shit. Just get it out there... just release plans for people to build their own shit

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