Evil and its intentions exist in all beings belonging to the limitations of mortality and compromising thought. In this fundamental authority, evil is granted the power of influence over all life willing to become subsidiary to its efforts; therefore it is eternal and must be eternally pursued. It will manifest, manipulate, and deceive within the conscious mind; never controlling a collective opposition, but only through means of the individual will it destroy great deeds; thus creating great cowards.



  • That is the great problem of "Free Will". As John Lennon said, "We all have Hitler in us, but we also have love and peace. So why not give peace a chance for once?" I think that's all that there's to it. Give love and peace a chance. Some people might just be too stubborn to give it a try though... that's where people like us come in, if you know what I mean.

  • Let's trust each other and go for it... a critical event horizon of love and peaceful actions can hopefully balance the 'evil' that remains and for lack of a more profound description, contain the remaining 'evil' while the good and true do the work of love.

  • I don't beleive in good and evil. I beleive we are more like dogs that silently observe everything and act upon our urges. Its just that we have devolped a complex language to facilitate our cooperation as a species.

    It is as a side effect of language that we have developed notions of 'good' and 'evil'. It probably evolved as shorthand by people passing judgment on whether behaviours of others were 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate' in any given circumstance. It is just intellectually lazy to label a thing or person evil rather than characterize their action as inappropriate, and we need to recognize this.
    Three most inappropriate words ever used in international diplomacy? "Axis of evil". What a dumb way of describing friends with problems! Though humans seem to galvanize behind leaders when there is a common 'enemy'. So perhaps it is our fault.

    Perhaps the Hitler in us that Lennon described is that bit which doesn't recognize this.

  • I like how people speak as if "Hitler" is the essence of evil. Christopher Columbus also participated in mass genocide and has a holiday awarded by a US president for his "brave adventures".

    History is written by the conquerors and not the conquered. If Hitler had won the war he'd be commonly known a great leader. My point of all this is you can't use people or historical figures in this kind of subtext as people have reasons as to why they became who they are.

    Love can only be learned if shown, Evil can manifest with the simple lack of such

    Hatred is reaction and taught. It is not a common trait we are born with.

  • I object because Evil does not exist in all of us good, love, compassion, is what exists in all of us

  • Below I have copied and paestd one of my other answers on this topic to save me re-typing it, all accounts are true.Hi there,Yes I am a believer as I have had too many experiences in the last 25 or so years for me to believe otherwise. Spirits are interactive so you would be able to speak with them and they with you. Ghosts on the other hand ar not interactive, they are just a replay of a person, event or animal that has been imprinted into the very fabric of their surroundings. This replay is not aware of you and will just repeat the same scene or action over and over again. It is held in place by the intense emotion at the time of imprint. Look up stone tape theory' for further info on this.Right, back to what makes me believe. How about a tumble dryer that worked without an electricity supply or motor in it. Or having a full conversation with a person only to watch them disappear like a curl of smoke halfway through. What about seeing shadow' people walk through the kitchen while you stand there flabbergasted or seeing them walk through the bedroom. Then there's whoever it is that washes pots and pans at 5 and 6 in a morning or likes to slam kitchen unit doors, but when you go to look there is nothing out of place. You also have the one that likes to make pictures fly off the wall approx 3ft before allowing them to drop directly in front of the neighbours that have dropped in for coffee. There's the cat that follows you from room to room meowing around your feet. There is also the gentle unseen hands that stroke your hair and face. Or the ones that like to run up and down the stairs and throughout the bedrooms when everyone is watching tv and accounted for. These are just a few of the things I and my family, friends and neighbours have experienced in my home. Do you think that after living here with this going on that I would do anything other than believe?These are all very true experiences and we have tried to re-create as many as we can just to rule out the possibility of a rational, logical explanation. Each time something new' was experienced we would search high and low trying to get to the bottom of what had caused the event, more often than not a normal or even possible explanation was not found. As for being scared, then no I don't find any of it scary, sometimes it makes you jump but I think it is more fascinating than anything.I hope the above explains to you some of my reasons to believe in spirit.Hope this helps

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