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A course of study at every grade level for children to learn about real food - what it is, where it is from, how it is grown, the benefits to body, mind, spirit. Learning the difference between manufactured, processed food and how these can compromise and even harm the body. Learning to read labels. At each grade level, teachers would have an age appropriate syllabus where the children can participate in field trips, going to local markets, farms, participate in planting, learn about permaculture, urban gardening if they live in a big city. Prep and cooking classes would taught. Healthy food that nourishes the body and brain encourages healthy growth and development, inspires love of learning, brings families/friends together. Parent/ Family participation would be incorporated.

Idea for the world


  • the first step then for me would to get taco bell out of the lunchrooms

  • Let's also put a lesson in appreciation. Appreciation towards the food that nourish our bodies and help us grow.

  • We must educate the masses about genetically modified "franken-food." We are willing and able to eliminate all harmful GMO foods from the Earth.

  • please DO, so.. Many Thanks..~ could be or would be of GREAT, and lifelong benefit, to all in attendance.

  • please DO, so.. Many Thanks..~ could be or would be of GREAT, and lifelong benefit, to all in attendance.

  • please DO, so.. Many Thanks..~ could be or would be of GREAT, and lifelong benefit, to all in attendance.

  • please DO, so.. Many Thanks..~ could be or would be of GREAT, and lifelong benefit, to all in attendance.

  • please DO, so.. Many Thanks..~ could be or would be of GREAT, and lifelong benefit, to all in attendance.

  • You've cparuted this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

  • Is nice that kids appreciate growing their own food. Is a road to real independence.

  • Useful education in schools? Great idea! Unfortunately, there is a much more powerful (money) lobby to keep these modified and unhealthy foods in places where their producers can get profits (like schools). It has to be a local/grassroots effort and is currently happening worldwide in backyards, front yards, unused/reclaimed lots, pots on window sills, etc. Start small.... dream big :)

  • We have most of these in Scandinavia already, I wish more of the world could have it.


  • television is better for these kind of topics..the tv channels should have fillers on these topics.. it will be better for the channels too..if they are good then viewers will be more hooked on to their channels for a longer period of time,

  • As long as the judgments of food types are done scientifically, not based on conspiracy theories and anti-establishment/anti-capitalist sentiments.

  • For our children to be educated and healthy of course this is a good idea.

  • Maybe alongside this would have to be the promotion of a culture of healthy eating from the parents. At a young age kids absorb so much things from their parents and this idea would not be so effective if it is counteracted by parents that don't give healthy eating importance.

  • I object because I don't think it's time efficient in schools, very important towards education, and its a distraction towards other subjects. Plus having food education every grade level is a bit excessive

  • What more does any parent want for their child other than to be 'happy' and 'healthy'? To put 'health' education, body, mind and spirit at the core of a school's curriculum is what is desperately needed in our Western World. We have become completely disconnected from what our bodies (mind and spirit) need for good health. Currently in our schools, there is too much focus on academic performance, when what is really needed is real-life, purposeful education that promotes connection to self and each other. Imagine, if every child was empowered with this knowledge about real food and how it energises, heals and creates health and wellbeing. Gee, it would certainly compromise the profit hungry processed food, pharmaceutical and GMO farming industries. The myriad of auto-immune diseases, heart-disease and cancer are directly linked to the crap we have been eating for the past 30 years. If we knew how it was made, what was in it and what it was doing to our bodies, we wouldn't even be feeding it to our dogs!
    Ultimately, Real Food education will save lives.

  • This is primarily the parents responsibility, schools cannot do everything. A small amount at school would be great (field trips, etc.) but parents should teach children healthy eating.

  • Your body is a natural filter to process what it needs and does not, this is why we use the bathroom. ;)
    I eat sonic burgers with a side of french fries and onion rings as well as a cherry banana milkshake for desert, once every 2 or 4 months I go out to Mexican food almost every Saturday at home I eat chili, or homemade vegetable stew from my garden with added corn beef, I have a lean figure and I do not workout I sit on my computer all day surfing YT videos or playing games. so it is not necessarily the food that is the problem or even the lack of exercise.. I blame the chemicals that your body canot filter which the government puts in the store food that effect the weight or the body ability to process the fat efficiently. I mean look at the boys today they are starting to look more like women or keeping their baby faces and some if not most of the girls are getting boy figures and losing their female curves. It is probably the hormones that the cows get injected to fatten the up for slaughter. so dont take my greasy food take the government right to put chemicals in our food.

  • I agree that that people need a much better awareness of good nutrition. Its sad that so many people don't get taught what a healthy diet looks like. Lack of nutrition can lead to mental illness, so this would have a lot of positive repercussions for people's mental health as well as physical health

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