Telsa Technology.

Free energy was invented in Colorado Springs in 1902 by Nicola Tesla. There's more than enough evidence that supports this. Of course, I'm no scientist myself, therefore I can't give the details on how one can tap into the free energy grid that's around us. Supposedly, there's prototypes of this type of technology locked away. Maybe we can create a protest to finally release it?

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  • I object because there is no evidence to support this.

  • Watch the docmentary "Thrive". Do your research. Read articles. Plenty of evidence. Period.

  • can you direct me to an article that can be found on the net?

  • No. Google up the movie "Thrive" and watch it. You can watch it for free. Should be under Or, something like that. If you're not willing to do your own research, then I can't help you.

  • Ok I have just been to the website. Nothing there. It would help for you to give some even minor explanation of what exactly it is that you are talking about for people like me who want you to be right. Cos I'm not going to watch the movie.

  • Our governments (actually, the shadow government - the dark controllers behind the scenes) have known about and suppressed free energy technologies for at least 70 years. The reason they do not want the truth to come out is because they would lose their complete control over us. Go to YouTube and Google it. It's too bad your mind is not open to watching the movie recommended above because you are depriving yourself of some incredible information.

  • They couldnt put a meter to monitor usage so morgan declined to continue funding

  • The website has a link to the 'science' and to the 'research' that both lead to nothing. The site looks like a hub for conspiracy theorists. So, anyone who agrees with this idea, how about explaining what it is? Are you talking about the tesla coil?

  • yes, it is about the Tesla coil, but an expanded version where he was working on towers to feed directly to homes, vehicles (auto,boats,planes) pretty much whatever and where ever power was needed or used it could be directed there through the towers he had begun to construct. When J.P. Morgan realized he could not turn a profit (at least back then) by monitoring how much power people were using, he canned the project and reverted back to hydro, which kept mines open and expanded on other business as well. It was a vicious circle for greed on many fronts that got Tesla shut down.

  • okay, thanks. I have kept looking for stuff on this, because I don't want to be wrong about 'no evidence to support'. I have found a tesla coil that is said to amplify the amount of electrical charge put into it by use of magnets in a vortex (with output around 10 times amount of electicity input). But you and the submitter of the idea are talking about a free distribution of power through the air from towers? A bit more info would be good and, if it stacks up, I will watch the movie. So might other people, so, if you have anything remotely scientific to explain it, fire away. I am open to presuasion.

  • I wonder if enough people would be willing to sponsor a team of clever types to produce an instrument capable of providing free energy. Just like ordinary people are donating funds towards film making at the moment. Seems to be becoming more popular. It would be great if this idea of funding something we want could be extended to technological innovation.

  • Is that really all there is to it because that'd be falbbergatsing.

  • Actually I believe the Egyptians already did this 3K years ago. That is where Tesla got his ideas from to create the tesla coil. The great spires near the pyramids was their network for electricity, all over the air. Using this technology Marconi was able to send the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic in 1901.

  • If we're talking science, a kind of tesla.
    It was just "Enos, son of Seth, grandson of adam".
    All the world of science, energy, health, etc, about the "angel of war, our war, from the" book "dead sea scrolls".
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